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Egg Basket

17 EZ Lady Luck 51N                                    Fullblood Donor                      AI certi?cates to register the calves from the lot 17 embryos will be
A Black           Tattoo: EZ51N        ALR#: FF2219 BD: 5/20/03                                provided by Effertz EZ Ranch at no additional cost to the buyer.

Consignor: Effertz EZ Ranch            [ Kaptain Planet K001                                                                               EZ Lady Luck 51N, donor
                                         Trangie C124
Midshipman M206
B EZ Magnum 72J                        [ Trangie J260
             Mugga Marnie L290           Trangie C192

C Admiral J222                         [ Trangie F249
      Lucky 7                            Trangie F037
             Brambletye Amicable J152
                                       [ Trangie F069
                                         Trangie F153

17A: 2 fullblood embryos out of EZ Lady Luck 51N, sired by Jackaroo.                                               Bonanza Boxcar
17B: 2 fullblood embryos out of EZ Lady Luck 51N, sired by Boxcar                                                    3Y, sire of the
17C: 4 Fullblood embryos out of EZ Lady Luck 51N, sired by EZ Western 40W.
No gamble here. Lady Luck was the American Royal Grand Champion and the Reserve National Champion. These mat-     Lot 17B embryos
ings should produce some great ones. Western is one of the highest carcass value sons of Lisbon in the business.

17 Brambletye Perfection W334
                                                                     Fullblood Donor
D Black           Tattoo: W334         ALR#: FF2179 BD: 6/20/01

Consignor: Effertz EZ Ranch            [ Nightcrawler
                                         Glen Innes N038
Kaptain Midnight                                                                                                                      Brambletye Perfection
                                       [ Trangie H153                                                                                 W334, donor
Broken Arrow Panmure                     Trangie H307

Trangie K004

      Commander II M045                   Commander K162
                                          Brambletye Perfection F183
[Brambletye Perfection VI Q112            Trangie E044
   [Brambletye Perfection II H002

17D: 2 fullblood embryos out of Brambletye Perfection W334, sired by All Jacked Up.
Here’s a sister to the dam of EZ Fancy Pants that we ?ushed to the sire of champions, All
Jacked Up. Tremendous breeding value in these embryos!

17 TCS Honey 1S                           Angus X Shorthorn Donor                                All Jacked Up,
E Black           Tattoo: TCS1S                BD: 11/5/06                                  sire of Lot 17D and

Consignor: Effertz EZ Ranch                                                                       17E embryos

T6 Erica T63                           [                                                                                     TCS Honey 1S, donor
Butter?y 631

WMF Chase Y41

      Bluegate Butter?y 104            [
Sagahatchee 3000C                      [

17E: 4 halfblood embryos out of Honey, sired by All Jacked Up.                                         Jackaroo,
Multiple Supreme Lowline Exhibits have been produced from the TSC Honey 1S cow and these    sire of Lots 17A and
All Jacked Up calves will be among the ?rst All Jacked Up Moderators to hit the show road.
They should be great.                                                                              17F embryos

17 C & D Lady Ashley 6807-725
                                                                        Angus Donor
F Black           Tattoo: 725          ALR#: 12975095 BD: 1/30/97

Consignor: Effertz EZ Ranch            [ Rand 234 of Ideal 3163
                                         QAS Blackbird Eve 101
QAS Traveler 23-4
G DHD Traveler 6807                    [ PBC 707 1M F0203
             Remindful Maid DHD 0807     Remindful Maid of RR 1079                                                                      Lexus, sire of
                                                                                                                                      Lot 17 embryos

      118 Spade RBA 43                 [ R&J Spade 1204
C&D Ashley 9J9 of Spd                    23-4 Empress RRA 118

     CA Rita 7086                      [ Rito 9J9 of B156 7T26
                                         Leachman Lassie 5010

17F: 2 halfblood embryos out of Lady Ashley 6807-725, sired by Jackaroo.
17G: 2 sexed female halfblood embryos out of Lady Ashley 6807-725, sired by EZ Lexus 18L.
This fabulous, proli?c Angus donor cow is an own daughter of the 6807 bull that has made a tremendous impact on the
Angus breed. Her dam is linebred to QAS Traveler 23-4 and stems from the Leachman Lassie cow family. These should be

spectacular foundation Lowline Moderator calves. The Lexus semen was sexed heifer semen. 4
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