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Jeremy, Sutton &   J.D.   Welcome to the Big Sky Elite Female Sale!
                 Dunbar; Jim, Bob,  Julie
                                           The “Red Revolution” continues to roll as demand for Red Angus
                 and Tom Morton,           cattle continues to keep them at the top of the market compared
                 Sage LeBlanc              to their black counterparts or any other breed. While the U.S. beef
                                           market is down considerably from the past two years, top-quality
                 Traig, Craig, Taryn,      cattle remain at pro?table levels for their producers. In down
                 Trac & Cayl DeBoer        markets, you cannot afford to have mediocre or inferior cattle, and
                                           top-quality genetics are a must for survival during tough ?nancial
   Paul  & Kara                            times. Because of this fact, the Big Sky Elite Female Sale is an
Herbst;  Renee,                            important day for any serious cattle producer wanting to add to or
Brad & Cole                                improve their existing herd.
Dave & Kay                                 The four Red Angus operations represented in this offering are
Klompien                                   some of the best in the industry and not only breed top quality Red
                                           Angus cattle but are instrumental in the leadership of the RAAA
                 Chuck                     organization. Bob Morton of Green Mountain Red Angus serves
                 and                       as the current national president and Chuck Feddes of Feddes Red
                 Carol                     Angus is the current Region A Director. I have had the privilege of
                 Feddes                    going into all four of these herds over the past few years and can
                 Family                    attest to the quality of their Red Angus genetics.

                                           The Big Sky cattle are designed by cowmen for cowmen and offer
                                           Montana’s premier maternal genetics. If your goal is to produce
                                           some of the breed’s best cattle, these cows and how they are
                                           mated, will help you achieve your dreams.

                                           If you are unable to attend this sale, please tune in via Superior
                                           Productions or and bid live during the auction. I
                                           will be in Three Forks, Montana, Monday and Tuesday prior to the
                                           auction and would be available to look over any lots you are inter-
                                           ested in. We will also be coordinating trucking and will have loads
                                           headed in every direction after the sale. If I can help you in any way,
                                           don’t hesitate to ask. I may be a salesman but I will honestly tell
                                           you that these are some of the best Red Angus cattle on the planet!

                                           I look forward to seeing you on December 7th at the Big Sky Elite
                                           Female Sale.

                                           Best Regards,

                                           Kyle Gilchrist

Get off 1-90 at the Logan Exit, #283. Go north and take a left on the frontage road. Proceed west toward Three Forks, about 1/2 mile. Take a right
onto Logan Trident Road, heading north. The road immediately crosses the Gallatin River and the railroad tracks, as shown on the map. Green
Mountain Red Angus is 2 miles from the railroad tracks. Watch for the large Green Mountain Red Angus sign.

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