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North Dakota Red Angus Association Red Select Sale

Welcome,                                                                         Greetings!

                        Welcome to our 2016 North Dakota Red                                It has been a pleasure to be involved
                        Angus Select Sale. Red Angus cattle                                 with the development of the 2016
                        continue to show growth as a breed and                              N.D. Red Angus Association Red
                        in popularity among commercial produc-                              Select Sale. The members of this
                        ers, feeders and packers. Red Angus                                 association are seriously committed
                        females remain in great demand. This is a                           to offer you cattle and genetics from
great opportunity to purchase some of the Northern region’s top     the top of their programs. The programs presenting this
genetics!                                                           offering host some of the top production and bull sales
                                                                    in the land, so take advantage of them sharing the female
I would like to thank Jeff Thomas, our sale manager, for travel-    base of their program with you.
ing many miles to select these high-quality consignments. Jeff
has selected top-quality bred and open heifers, as well as excit-   Again this year, the N.D Red Angus Association and N.D.
ing embryo packages and picks of the herd opportunities.            Simmental Association are working together in sharing
                                                                    the date and facilities to present both sales on the same
We are again happy to share sale day with the North Dakota          day. This has been a very impressive venue with an over-
Simmental Association’s State sale that will follow the Red Se-     ?ow crowd for both events – which supports the testa-
lect Sale. We feel that this is a great opportunity for buyers who  ment of how well the two breeds of cattle and breeders
utilize both breeds.                                                can work together!

This year we are pleased to announce that a Futurity class will     We are all aware of the current market trends in the beef
be added to the North Dakota State Fair for ND Junior Red           industry, however as seedstock producers you will ?nd
Angus members who purchase a heifer from the ND Red Select          the offering of this sale provides you the opportunity
Sale. We hope this encourages Juniors to purchase and show          to secure value-adding genetics that can advance your
off these top-notch genetics.                                       program signi?cantly for the future.

I would also like to thank the Red Angus Board for all the work     If you are looking for bred heifers to produce bulls for the
they do throughout the year to keep our Association running         commercial and seedstock industry, this offering has a lot
smoothly. Thanks to Tracey Koester of Cow Camp Promotions           of opportunities for you. The open heifers in the offering
for the great job she does advertising for the Association all      have some outstanding show heifer prospects for Junior
year, and putting the catalog together.                             programs – there will be something to ?t your needs that
                                                                    will make tremendous cows as they develop.
Please join us on Friday Dec. 9, at 2 p.m. CST at the Best West-
ern Ramkota Hotel for our annual meeting, 5 p.m. social and 6       The sale will be broadcast on for those
p.m. banquet. The Red Select Sale will begin at 12 p.m. CST on      that may want to bid online. We will make available any
Saturday, Dec. 10, at Kist Livestock, Mandan, ND.                   updates and additional info on the N.D. Red Angus web-
                                                                    site: There will also be video of many of
Hope you can attend,                                                the lots on consignor sites as well.
Bryan Huber, NDRAA President
                                                                    I would like to thank the N.D. Red Angus Association and
                                                                    the consignors for the opportunity to work with them on
                                                                    what is becoming a premier event in the region! If you
                                                                    have any questions regarding the offering, don’t hesitate
                                                                    to give a call or send a note. I look forward to seeing
                                                                    many of you in Bismarck/Mandan December 9-10, 2016!

                                                                    Jeff Thomas

North Dakota Red Select Sale                                                     Catalog online at
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