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                                                               Cattle Producers,

                                                               Welcome to our 39th Annual Bull Sale! Thank you to all
                                                               our past customers and we welcome any new costum-

                                                               We will be selling 68 AI sired bulls that represent the
                                                               top 30% of our calf crop. This year’s record breaking
                                                               offering makes it the third year in a row for the highest
                                                               weaning weight group. The bulls averaged a whop-
                                                               ping 851 pounds at weaning. The bulls are fed a high
                                                               roughage ration to ensure soundness and fertility and
                                                               longevity. They are fed a home-grown ration enabling a
                                                               smooth transition to their new home.

                                                               We all know the cattle industry has experienced some
                                                               really good times over the last few years. However, this
                                                               year we have seen a signifi cant drop off in prices from
                                                               the recent highs. One way to improve your bottom line
                                                               is to purchase bulls that deliver heavier weights and
                                                               do it effi ciently. We have several bulls that will fi t these
                         Pete & Nancy Thompson                 criteria.
                     Calliee, Carson, Courtney & Cash          On sale day, the bulls will be penned behind the sale
                                                               barn but will not enter the barn. A sale order will be
                     Pete & Nancy Thompson                     posted sale day and the bulls are listed in tag order in
                   Harold & Delores Thompson                   the catalog.

             5323 26th Ave. SE • Kintyre, ND 58549             Thank you for showing an interest in our program. You
                                                               can give us a call or stop by anytime to view the bulls.
                       Home: 701-475-2203                      As always, we offer free keep and free delivery after
                        Cell: 701-391-1838                     their semen test in April.
                                The Thompsons

                                       GENOMIC TESTING:

                                         All bulls are genomic tested and parent verifi ed by AGI with the GGP-LD test.
                                         All EPDs are genomic enhanced. All bulls are free of AM, NH, CA and DD.

        SALE TIME:                           DIRECTIONS TO RANCH:                 ACCOMMODATIONS:
           1:30 p.m. CST                       13.5 miles south of Steele, ND or    Cobblestone Inn & Suites
                                               8 miles north of Kintyre, ND         623 N Mitchell Ave
        AUCTIONEER:                            (Please don’t use GPS)               Steele, ND 58482
           Paul Bitz, Napoleon, ND                                                  Phone: (701) 475-4478
                                             FREE BULL KEEP:                        Toll-Free: (888) 693-8262
        LUNCH:                                                                    CATALOG:
           Complimentary lunch served.       DELIVERY:                              Design: Cow Camp Promotions
                                               Free delivery starts April 1         Printing: Flash Printing
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