Page 4 - Gustin Diamond D Gelbvieh Annual Production Sale
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                                 SALE INFORMATIONTION

          The American Gelbvieh Association’s Feeder           As a valued customer of Gelbvieh infl uenced calves, you
          Finder service assists producers in marketing        are eligible to list your calves on the American Gelbvieh
          load lots of Gelbvieh and Balancer -infl uenced       Association’s “Feeder Finder.”
          feeder cattle. Whether selling private treaty or via   Simply list your calves with a brief description of your
          auction, producers with load lots of feeder cattle are   cattle and the listing will be sent to over 200 feedlots
          encouraged to fi ll out the free Feeder Finder form.   across the United States. All listings must be in load
          These cattle are then listed on the AGA website and   lots, so if you don’t have enough calves to fi ll a semi
          presented to feedyards across the country.           load, consider teaming up with a neighbor who has
                                                               Gelbvieh-infl uenced calves.
             Contact William McIntosh at 502-867-3132 or
                     Angela Vesco at 303-465-2333              Just another way the AGA is helping to add value to
                  to list your cattle on Feeder Finder.        your program.

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