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Welcome to our 2017 Production Sale!
        Throughout these decades we’ve continued to make great strides in our
        herd and herdsire genetics of which have been complimented through
        our high percentage of returning buyers. We are proud to bring you the
        most balanced and complete set of bulls and females we’ve ever been
        able to offer. We would like to welcome and thank all of our new and
        returning ranchers and buyers.
        Our industry continues to put pressure on carcass, marbling and
        production effi ciencies while ranchers are simultaneously working to
        maintain maternal fertility, birthweight, structure and longevity. At Klain
        Simmental Ranch, we focus on the highest herd selection standards
        and strive for complete performance balanced cattle while avoiding
        over emphasizing single trait selected cattle. These well-balanced
        performance cattle will effi ciently convert pounds on a high-roughage
        feed ration while maintaining the necessary maternal traits needed for
        effective and successful cow-calf operations.
        All prosperous cattle operations begin with a well-balanced cow herd.
        Here at KSR we have focused on building a cow herd of multiple
        generations that has maintained superior maternal traits, fertility and
        longevity. These elite bulls and females in our 2017 Production Sale
        clearly refl ect these traits in the strongest set of EPDs, pedigrees and
        growth in a complete balanced package
        Here at the Klain Simmental Ranch, we’ve done an excellent job on
        bringing all of this into balance. We fi nish out our bulls on a modest
        diet of hay silage, whole oats, corn and Harvey Feed Mix bull developer.
        We look forward to presenting you this elite set of bulls and females to
        view at your convenience. You are welcome to visit, have a cup of
        coffee and view these cattle on the farm until February 2, or out at the
        Turtle Lake Weight Station from February 3 until sale day.
          Durnell, Darcy, Tyler & Trey Klain, Adam & Dalyce Balk


             Simmental Ranch

                Durnell & Darcy: 701-448-2408
       Cells – Durnell: 701-720-1316 • Darcy: 701-721-1316
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