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“Located in the hills of southwest Iowa”

                                                                       Judy Loonan
                                                                       Rick Thompson, Herdsman
                     Phone: (641) 322-3921 • 1724 Holly Avenue • Corning, IA 50841 • Email:

        Dear Friends,

        On behalf of Judy and myself here at Loonan
        Stock Farm, we would like to welcome you to our
        42nd Annual Opening Day Private Treaty Sale.

        There is a lot of uncertainty in the cattle market
        today and it makes us wonder were the cattle
        prices are headed. We all can hope for an up
        market in months to come, but when we really sit            Judy Loonan                    Rick Thompson
        back and think about it, are the markets the real
        reason we do what we do? I don’t think so.

        We’re here because this is what we love to do
        – getting up early or maybe up all night watch-         has a lot of natural thickness. Brilliance was with
        ing that new calf being born and seeing him get         40 cows and came off pasture looking like he did
        up and get his  rst milk or bouncing around out        when we turned him out in the spring. He didn’t
        in the green grass. Think about it – this is in our     lose any weight. Watch for his calves because
        blood.                                                  they are really good and seem to being carrying
                                                                plenty of frame for those of you that like frame.
        I know for sure Judy and I love what we do. It’s a      Don’t miss out.
        lot of work but well worth the satisfaction of see-
        ing the end product. As the saying goes, it’s more      The other Red Angus bull, Scamp, was purchased
        love than money -– the money no factor. So, let’s       at Beckton Red Angus. He was used on mostly
        all enjoy the time we spend with our cows.              heifers with a few cows. His calves look to carry
                                                                the same traits – low birth weights with plenty of
        This year’s sale offers quality and it runs deep        muscle and growth.
        in this set of bulls and females. The calves have
        done well all summer long and have continued to         We also purchased a new Simmental sire but
        blossom into an outstanding group of seedstock          unfortunately he did not work out so well. We
        for you to choose from.                                 banded all of his bull calves due to extremely
                                                                heavy birth weights.
        Here at Loonan Stock Farm, we strive to bring
        you the best of new genetics. We are always look-       I’ve rambled on long enough so in closing, I will
        ing for new outcross genetics to help improve           say if you’re in need of cattle that are born easily,
        our herd and our customers’ herds also. We have         grow rapidly and are consistent in their genetic
        strict guidelines we go by when we are purchas-         make-up, please give us a call. If Judy or myself
        ing new seedstock. People sometimes tell us we          can be of any further assistance, or you just want
        are unconventional but we want consistency              to come and walk through the cattle, just let us
        in our herd and we want you, the customer, to           know.
        know what you’re getting when you buy our               Thanks for your time and we hope to see you in
        bulls or females.                                       February.

        In this year’s offering, we have two new sires          Sincerely,
        that we are using. Brilliance, a bull we purchased
        at Cross Diamond Cattle Co., is deep bodied and                       Judy and Rick
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