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                                   SALE INFORMATIONALE INFORMATION

             Developmental Duplication Carrier (DDC)
                                                                    Retaining 1/3 semen interest in all bulls.
         Newly identifi ed simple recessive genetic defect. DD is not
         a lethal genetic defect, but may cause extra skin folds or
         additional limbs. For more information ask us or contact the
         American Angus Association.                                       BREED EPD AVERAGES

                                                                     2017 AAA Avg. EPDs of Non-Parent Bulls:
         Cattle identifi ed as DDC are known carriers of the defect, but     CED: +6   BW: +1.2   WW: +48  YW: +85   M: +24
         if bred to cattle free of the defect you will never have a calf
         that expresses the trait. The animals identifi ed as DDP are
                                                                     AHA Avg. EPDs for 2015/2016 Born Calves:
         potential carriers and have not yet been tested.        BW: +3.2  WW: +50    YW: +81    M: +22  M&G: +47

                                                                     Birth Weight Information
                                                  When looking at birth weights a lot of people shy away from the 4 and 5 BW EPD
                                                  Angus bulls. As a reference to compare a few other breeds a Charolais bull with a 1 BW
                                                  EPD would compare to a 9.8 EPD in the Angus breed. The largest in our offering is a

                                                  In the Simmental breed a 1 BW EPD would compare to a 4.4 EPD in the Angus breed.

                                                  We are careful when suggesting a bull is a calving-ease bull suitable for use on heifers,
                                                  but there isn’t a bull in the offering we feel would give trouble on mature cows.

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