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Hello from the TNT Ranch!

                                              Welcome to our 32nd Annual Bull Sale! We are happy to report that the
                                              family is all doing well again. 2016 was quite a trying year health wise, but
                                              God has been so good to us and we are able to see so many blessings along
                                              the way. Brekka is now cancer free and fi nished treatments in November.
                                              Mayzee is doing great, she has no lingering heart troubles and is talking
                                              like crazy. Lynette went through her tough cancer treatments and now has
                                              a mild treatment every 3 weeks until June, but is doing well and is cancer
                                              free. However, she sure doesn’t know how to complain! One thing we know
                                              for sure is, people are good and goodness is contagious, we need to pass the
                                              goodness on.
          Kevin, Lynette, Justin, Kendra & Josh
                                              Justin, Kendra, and Josh are working here with us. We are so fortunate to
                                              have such good help and really enjoy having them around. Shanon and
        Gabe are ranching by Lehr and raise some embryos for us. They also have some of their own bulls in the sale. Sha-
        non and Gabe are expecting grandbaby #13 for us in May, we are all very excited, as the grandkids bring such joy
        to our family. We enjoyed many great hours with them at Grandpa’s fi shing pond this summer, as you can see in the
        collage photos!

        From a production standpoint, we had a good year. Our hay crop was a little short but crops were good. We have
        been spoiled the last few years, we were hoping that was going to be the new normal. We fortunately had a lot of
        carry over feed. The cattle performed extremely well. The cows were bred up good, less than 4% open and the calves
        weaned heavy. We did not creep the calves, however, Shanon and Gabe did creep theirs and the ET calves they raised
        for us. Ryan Lemer from Drake raised some ET calves for us as well and he put them on creep a little prior to wean-
        ing. Theirs are in a separate contemporary group for weaning. We weaned the end of September, started them on
        Headstart 70 for 10 days with free choice hay, then right into a total mixed ration. We worked them up to what they
        are currently receiving: 10 lbs corn, 3 ½ lbs DDG, chopped hay, and silage (half corn silage and half alfalfa haylage).
        The bulls have done well on this ration, it is a little higher in protein and they consume it well. It’s a high roughage
        ration which insures soundness, longevity and fertility. Disposition has always been important to us, but as we age it
        seems to be even more important. We have been breeding and culling for temperament for years and we are certainly
        seeing the benefi ts.

        We have grown our Sim-Angus program on both the sire and dam’s side long enough to get a feel for their value, and
        truly feel they have been some of the most predictable and consistent genetics we have used. However, I feel there
        will always be a need for purebreds as well. We continue to test for Johne’s as in the past and our herd remains clean.
        We have never had an animal test positive. Shanon and Gabe started testing their cows this year and all were negative
        as well.

        We started with over 200 bulls, culled them down to 150 but selling 108 is just much easier for us and we need an ex-
        cellent set of spare bulls to help in case anyone has a problem with one they purchased in the sale. Shanon and Gabe
        also have spare bulls at our ranch and we have always needed private treaty bulls to sell in the spring. This is truly
        one of the thickest, deepest, set of bulls, with some real outstanding heifer bulls in the offering as well.

        We invite you to come to the ranch and view the cattle and see the way we manage our herd. We are very proud of
        our cattle and feel you will be proud of “The Explosive Difference” they will make for you. I truly have a passion for
        this business and love breeding cattle with the never-ending pursuit to try and make them better. Some of the greatest
        blessings over the past 32 years are the wonderful people we have met and the dear friends we have made in this busi-
        ness, Thank you for your interest. Hope to see you Friday the 10th!

                                     Sincerely, Kevin, Lynette & Family
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