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            Top Dollar Angus is a genetic certification and marketing   the producer in the form of premiums paid above market
            company focused exclusively on the top 25% of the    price.
            industry in carcass & growth, Angus or Red Angus
            influenced feeder cattle. Top Dollar Angus is a program   Top Dollar Angus helps take the guess work and surprises
            similar to other popular branded beef  programs, except   out of growing and feeding cattle. Feedyards are tired of
            that Top Dollar Angus does its “branding” in the feeder   unpredictable performance and wide ranging profitability
            cattle and calf market.                              results from group to group on cattle they purchase.
                                                                 Cattle often look  the  same and have the same colored
            Qualified herds must have two or more generations of   hides, but are very different genetically.  That’s why  the
            Angus (Black or Red) genetics with growth and carcass   genetic certification of high-end Angus/Red Angus feeder
            traits objectively  ranking  in the top 25% of  the breed   cattle is here! The industry  must differentiate the best
            based on documented historical sire use. DNA evaluation,   Angus/Red Angus genetics from average cattle, that’s
            conducted by Zoetis or  GeneSeek, is another workable   what Top Dollar Angus will do for you!
            method to qualify. Once your cattle have met the
            necessary requirements, they  will be marketed under the   If you have consistently invested in high-performance
            Top Dollar Angus brand and logo and will be promoted   Angus/Red Angus genetics, Top Dollar Angus will make
            aggressively to a large number of feedyards and buyers. In   your cattle stand out from the pack and get you the
            today’s market, Top Dollar  Angus cattle are seeing   premiums you deserve. No matter how you market your
            premiums ranging from $30-$70 per head above  the    cattle our goal is to create more demand and higher prices
            average market.                                      for your calves.

            Why the premium? Cattle feeders know that Top Dollar
            Angus cattle perform  better and have higher grid-based
            carcass rewards compared to other cattle. This puts more
            dollars per head into the cattle feeder’s pocket, which can
            be passed back to
                                                                                                       Kenny Stauffer - GM

              Tokach Angus Ranch will pay the initial enrollment fee for the fi rst four customers
                       who sell cattle through the Top Dollar Angus program ($250 value)!
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