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        Quality Genetics Built on a Heritage of Commitment

        Dear Friends,

        Heart River Ranch took an amazing journey in 2016 from one end of the weather spectrum to the other but
        anything can happen in the Dakotas.  We had a record precipitation year in 2015 in SD followed by a severe
        drought at the ranch and at headquarters in ND. We managed about 100 bales of hay total and fortunately the
        open winter that led to this dry spell also allowed us to graze through most of last winter and keep a lot of the
        hay in inventory. You did not have to go very far to fi nd the other end of the spectrum this past summer so we
        managed to source some hay and keep the wheels turning.

        Given the dry conditions and no creep, the cows did a good job. The steer mates to the bulls sold two days
        later than last year and weighed 2 pounds less. Every steer left after 50 bulls were selected made it on the pot
        at a 589# average for late march average age calves.  Needless we were pleased given our objective of raising
        consistent sustainable cattle without creep with limited resources.

        This is the 11th Annual production sale and we will again hold the sale at the feedlot location south of Belfi eld.
        We have been in the registered cattle business since 1996 and our aspirations to provide functional, effi cient
        cattle that can be sustained in any environment have not changed. We appreciate the many customers over the
        years that have been loyal to our program. Your interest and patronage drives us to fi nd the type of cattle that
        will provide genetics to work effi ciently in less than optimal conditions.

        Look for video, carcass ultrasound and other sale information posted on and as we get closer to sale day. As always feel free to contact us with any questions
        or stop by the lot to view bulls at your leisure ahead of the sale 4 miles south of Belfi eld on highway 85 and
        then ½ mile west on 40th Street SW.

        You are also invited to join us on Tuesday evening for a prime rib supper at the development lost sale barn
        on March 7, 2017. We look forward to having you as our guest on March 7 and 8, 2017. Thank you for your
        friendship, your loyalty and past patronage.

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