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2017 – Red Hill Farms                          Red Angus Fall Bulls
          Red Hill Red Angus 18-Month-Old Bulls
        The Fall Bulls were weaned in April and May 2016. After a brief dry lot weaning period, the bulls
        ran on fescue pasture and free choice mineral during the Spring and Summer. Yearling weight,
        frame score, scrotal circumference, and ultrasound data were taken on 9/12/16. It would have
        been easy to step up the energy in the diet and add 300 pounds to the yearling weights, but we
        feel this would have had a negative impact on the bulls’ longevity and chose the slower growing
        forage development. Since that date, the bulls have been on stockpiled fescue and soyhulls (1%
        of body weight) until mid-January when a high-roughage TMR was added to their diet. Breeding
        Soundness Exams were performed on January 31, 2017 and the scrotal measurements printed
        in this catalog are from that date. These bulls have the right condition (fi t and trim) and age to
        service cows immediately.

        Lots 17 (220C), 18 (217C) and 19 (231C) These 3 bulls are from the best fl ush ever at Red Hill-7 fl ush mate heifers are
        being retained. The problem free phenotype of these bulls and heifers along with their superior performance and genetic
        values led us to call this 84S x T189 “the Royal Cross” of the Red Hill Program. The 190W cow does everything right-fer-
        tility, adaptability, disposition, and udder quality along with fantastic rib shape and body volume which makes her a very
        easy fl eshing cow. These bulls are linebred to our great Beckton cow, M554. These bulls represent the Red Hill program
        from the standpoint of disposition, soundness of feet and legs, body volume and slick hair. We used 220C to clean up a
        group of 2-year-olds so he may be in lower BCS, but it is very diffi cult to rank the bulls now – they are very similar.

                                                             Lot 17
                                                             Lot 17
                                                  BECKTON JULIAN GG B571
        17    REDHILL 84S JULIAN 220C        RED HILL B571 JULIAN 84S
               REG. #   CATEGORY                  BECKTON BARMAID M554 CH
        BULL  3521870   1A  100%                  BUF CRK NICE’N EASY T189
        OPENING BID: $6,000  BD: 9/6/15      REDHILL T189 BARMAID 190W
                                                  1BWJ BARMAID 54P
             CED   BW   WW   YW   MILK   ME   HPG   CEM   STAY   MARB   YG   REA
        EPDs  15  -4.0  61  90   25   -9   19   0    17  0.30  -0.10  0.54
        AR %  1%  11%  41%  47%  20%  3%   1%  96%   1%  76%   12%   4%
         HerdBuilder  181  1%   BW   BWR   WWR  YWR   %IMF   REA   SC   FRAME
         GridMaster   50  33%  65  ET  ET  ET   95  108  38.5  4+
         Dam’s Info   YOB  WEIGHT  BCS   BR   WR   YR   Dam’s MPPA
                  2009   934   7   5/96  4/108  4/108   107.4
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