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Terms & Conditions
         TERMS: Terms of the sale are cash, check or other terms agreed
         to in writing between the seller and the buyer, payable immedi-
         ately upon conclusion of the sale, before animals will be moved.
         A $25.00 per head discount will be honored if bull(s) are taken
         home sale day. Spring Valley Angus will winter your bulls until
         April 1, 2017, at no cost. Bulls left after April 1, 2017, will be
         charged $2.00 per day per bull.
         LIABILITY: All persons who attend this sale do so at their own
         risk, legal or otherwise, for their safety or for the behavior of the
         animals. The owners and the sale staff assume no liability for
         property loss or any accidents that may occur.

         PURCHASER’S RISK: All animals are the owner’s risk prior to
         their sale and become property of the purchaser as soon as
         declared sold by the auctioneer. As we have no control over acts
         of God, we cannot guarantee these cattle against death, loss or
         sickness. We guarantee cattle to be healthy sale day.

         BIDDING: Bulls will be sold to the highest bidder. Disputes
         amongst bidders will be settled by the auctioneer by reopening
         the bidding among the parties involved. The auctioneer’s deci-
         sion shall be fi nal.
         GUARANTEE: Bulls selling for $3000 or more are guaranteed
         against breeding injury for the fi rst breeding season. Breeding
         season is defi ned as the 90 day period following the fi rst turnout
         of the bulls.
         If a replacement bull is available, he will be provided, or if the
         buyer prefers, credit toward one bull will be given in the fol-
         lowing year’s sale, less salvage value of the injured bull. Please
         notify us as soon as possible should injury occur and prior to
         the injured bull being sold for salvage.
         Replacement  bulls are not covered by this guarantee.

         CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRY: Certifi cates of registry will be sup-
         plied by the seller to any buyer requesting them on sale day.
         LIVESTOCK MORTALITY INSURANCE: Insurance will be avail-
         able on sale day.

         DELIVERY: Free delivery to central points in tri-state area.
         ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements made from the auction
         block shall take precedence over printed material in the catalog
         and any supplemental sheets.

         SUPPLEMENT SHEET: More information will be available upon
         request one week prior to the sale and available sale day, includ-
         ing: Rib eye Area, Back Fat, Marbling, Pelvic Area and Scrotal
         Measurement. EPDs, Birth Wt, Weaning Wt, and Yearling Wt
         are all provided in the catalog. We hope to provide you with the
         most accurate information possible so when you see the bulls
         you can make the best decision for your program.
         We will abide by the rules set forth by the American Angus

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