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                                                                                  Rick & Amber Rohrich
                                                                             2838 Hwy. 3 • Steele, ND 58482

                                Rick and Amber,
                                Rick and Amber,
                        Kaden, Kylee and Kolden Rohrich
                        Kaden, Kylee and Kolden Rohrich

                   First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who supports and shows interest in our pro-
                   gram. It is very much a pleasure to work and visit with each and every one of you!

                   This winter has been a battle to say the least. Lots of snow, wind and cold, spring has defi nitely been
                   very well received around here! Calving has been underway since the middle of February, the calves
                   are very healthy, up and sucking in just minutes and the new herd sires we purchased are looking to
                   be very promising! Calves are growing fast and are showing a lot of natural thickness and balance. It
                   sure makes it fun when you get excited about your next sale just looking at month old calves! Calving
                   should wrap up around April 15th.

                   The bulls in this sale are mainly the younger and more moderate bulls at the time of our January bull
                   sale. They are good bulls that have been grown out on a 2.5 pound a day ration to make sure they
                   would grow slow and develop right at a younger age.

                   The females in the sale have been fed to gain 2 pounds a day. They are pelvic measured, have had
                   their breeding shots, are Bangs vaccinated and guaranteed open and breed able. They are a top notch
                   set of heifers and are actively cycling daily! Last year we dispersed our entire heifer calf crop and the
                   feedback is great – they are making tremendous momma cows! Buy these heifers with confi dence.
                   They will make great cows!

                   Thanks again for your interest and support!

                   Rick Rohrich
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