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             Aaron, Danielle, Kennadee and Hazel Kravig

        Welcome to our 7th annual production sale. We appreciate your inter-
        est in our program and the continued support of our past customers.

        Kravig Red Angus is a family-owned and operated cattle operation
        that has been raising Red Angus cattle in eastern Colorado for over
        30 years. The day-to-day operations of our ranch are handled by
        myself, my wife Danielle, my father Dennis, and my mother Lisa. With
        two young children and several of us holding jobs off of the ranch it
        makes our weaning, calving and breeding seasons very busy. Thus, it
        is very important for us to place a great deal of emphasis on calving
        ease and quiet dispositions in order for everything to run smoothly.

        The heart of our operation revolves around the mother cow. She must
        possess a sound udder, a quiet disposition, be moderate framed, easy
        fl eshing, and have excellent structure with an emphasis on her feet
        and legs. Our cows are not pampered and, in order for them to stick
        around on our ranch, they must be able to “work” for a living with
        only minimal supplemental feeding. These traits are passed on from
        generation to generation creating the ideal cow who will stay on the
        land and generate a profi t year after year.

                    Aaron and Danielle Kravig
             14901 County Road 28 • Karval, CO 80823
          (719) 446-5355 – Home • (719) 740-8032 – Cell

                         Dennis Kravig
          (719) 446-5391 – Home • (719) 243-9280 – Cell

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