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        Crosshair Simmental               Hello and welcome to our annual production sale.

        Ben & Cassie Kleppe               The bulls have been fed a complete mixed ration consisting of chopped hay, silage, corn, distillers and a
        Brinley, Hailey & Jaxson          complete mineral program. The average daily gain test started the day of weaning on October 12th and
        3220 48th St SE                   continued for 111 days. The ADG were a little lower than usual this year. Considering the conditions they
        Dawson, ND 58428                  faced we feel they still performed well. We take pride in representing our cattle honestly, absolutely no
        Home: 701-327-8330                “fl uffed” numbers or information. All the bulls are semen and soundness evaluated and are ready to go to
        Cell: 701-426-9210                work for you.

                                          We are excited for you to see the bulls, as this is the best set from end to end that we have offered for you to
                                          appraise. They are bred to grow and fed to last in anyone’s program. New this year we have added a few black
                                          bulls into the offering. By utilizing embryo transfer and artifi cial insemination we are hoping to bring a
                                          few high quality black genetics for our customers that utilize both black and red genetics. We would like to
                                               invite you to take the evening off and join us on April 28, 2017, at 5 p.m. at Napoleon Livestock.
                                                If you are unable to attend the sale we encourage you to view the bulls at the ranch any time before
                                                the sale, or give us a call and we can help select a bull to fi t your needs and program.  This year we
                                                have videos of the offering available online on dvauction or our website. We hope to see you at the
                                                sale and see for yourself how a bull from CHSR can add pounds to your calf crop and improve
                                                 your profi tability. Thank you for your interest and support.
        Welcome!                                                                     Kuhn’s Red Angus
        We at Kuhn’s Red Angus are celebrating our 23rd year in the Red Angus breed. Red Angus females are   James, Stephanie Kuhn
        commanding top dollar for their over-all functionality in fertility, docility and mothering ability. These are   Elodie, Reagen, Hudson,Brock & Kyah Kuhn
        some of the key points that we at Kuhn’s Red Angus breed for!                6962 28th Ave SE
                                                                                     Napoleon, ND 58561
        This is one of the fi nest set of bulls we have ever offered. From birth to growth to carcass, they seem to   Home: 701-332-6378
        cover all the bases. We are striving to bring you the best possible genetics by traveling throughout the nation   Cell: 701-426-6921
        looking for the best out there. We also try to achieve this through artifi cial insemination. Every female will
        go through the AI chute, and by doing this we believe we can give you, the customer, a more complete bull!!
        We became a Top Dollar Angus Seedstock Partner to identify which bulls excel in growth and carcass
        traits. This gives our customers whose calves qualify for this marketing assistance program,
        another avenue in which to market their calves, generating more profi t. We also 50K’d
        some of the bulls to give our customers a better EPD picture of what these bulls are capable
        of. These are just a couple of pieces to the puzzle that we are trying to do in helping you to
        increase the profi tability in your calf crop.
        Feel free to call or stop in and look at the bulls and cows. Thank you for your belief and sup- -
        port in our program!

        Huber EY Red Angus
        Bryan & Emmy, Issac, Alex & Betsy Huber  Welcome fellow cattlemen.   We are excited to say we have been in the Red Angus breed for 20
        5866 76th Ave SE • Jud, ND 58454  years now. We continue to breed for balanced traits with emphasis on disposition, structure, growth
        Home: (701) 685-2687              ... really  a functional animal that works in our environment.
        Bryan: (701) 320-8054             The bulls and females are fed a TMR ration at different rates of hay, alfalfa, silage, hay barely,
        Emmy: (701) 320-1995              corn, corn distillers and a beef developing mineral. The only creep the calves see is a medicated pellet
                                          for a couple weeks in the spring before they go to pasture. These 20 bulls represent the top 25% of
                                          our registered herd. They have been fed and performance tested at our ranch.

                                          Special thanks to the Kuhn and Kleppe families for allowing us to join forces again this year.  This
                                          allows us to bring a wide variety of quality cattle and genetics for you the cattleman.
                                          Also, thanks to Brian and Ann Moch for being our AI technicians and, as always, thank you to
                                          our past customers.
                                          We hope 2017 brings you lots of new ear tags, green grass, profi tability and mostly good health and
                                          Call with any questions and the cattle are always available for viewing.

                                                                  Kuhn’s Red Angus • Crosshair Simmental • Huber EY Red Angus
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