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Dahl Land & Cattle LLP Heifers
        Dahl Land & Cattle LLP Heifers
          Groups 1 & 2 (Purebred Red Angus and South Devon) will                  EPD NOTES
              start the sale. They will be selling individually.  Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) give cattlemen a useful tool with which
                                                               to evaluate the genetic potential of breeding animals.
                     Red Angus Purebreds (4 head)
          Group 1:                                             The printed EPDs in this catalog have been furnished to us by the Red Angus
                                                               Association of America and the North American South Devon Association.
          Group 2: South Devon Purebreds (4 head)                  EPD Breed Averages for Non-Parent Animals
                                                                        Under 2 Years of Age (Spring 2017)
        Commercial Yearling Heifer Offeringcial Yearling Heifer Offering  Red Angus
                                                                  HB   GM CED  BW WW YW  MILK  ME  HPG  CEM  ST  MARB   YG   CW   REA   FAT
        Commercial heifers will be sold at a minimum of fi ve head gate     95  49 5  -2.0  59  90 21 1   11  4 10  0.46  0.02  22  0.12  0.00
        cut. On bigger drafts, the buyer of the last heifers in the ring
        (should there be a cut made), will have the option to take the   South Devon
                                                                 BW  WW   YW  MILK  MWW  FAT  REA  MARB  RBY   C WT
        remaining heifers of that group for the same price.       +2.2 +45   +83   +26   +48 +0.01  +0.24   +0.3   +0.6   +28.5

          Group 3: 5 Head Purebred Red Angus Heifers

          Group 4: 5 Head Black Purebred South Devon Heifers

          Group 5: 5 Head Red Purebred South Devon Heifers

          Group 6: 10 Head Red 75% South Devon 25% Red Angus Heifers

                                                               This is the behind-the-scenes force that keep the cattle moving through smoothly on
                                                               sale day. (L to R) Gary Reed, Jay Reed, Ben Bowman, Andrew Dosch and Jeff Bowman.
          Group 7: 10 Head F1 Red Angus Heifers ( 50% RA 50% SD)
                                                               The sale will be broadcast live on:

                     10 Head South Devon x Red Angus x Salers Heifers
           Group 8:
                                                               Set up an account
                                                               Setting up an account is a simple two minute process.
                     20 Head Black Red Angus FI Heifers (50% RA 50% SA)
           Group 9:                                               1. Look for the log-in area on the upper left portion of the screen.
                                                                  2. Find the blue button labeled “Register to View”
                                                                  3. Fill in the form with your name, email, state, username, and password.
                     30 Head Red Angus FI Heifers (50% RA 50% SA)  4. Press the proceed button at the bottom of the page.
          Group 10:
                                                               Any time you come back to CattleUSA just enter your username and password to
                                                               log-in and watch auctions.
         100 Sale Heifers                    Yearling          Get approved to buy
                                                               Each auction approves its own buyers, no buyers are approved by CattleUSA. This
                                           heifers will
         Avg. BW – 72 lbs.
                                                               is done for your privacy and security. Your buyers information is kept private and
                                                               is only released to the auctions you choose. In order to obtain approval to buy at
         Avg. 205 Wt – 659 lbs.          start the sale!
                                                               an auction you will need to submit your contact information to each auction you
         Avg. Daily Gain – 2.8 lbs.
                                                               wish to buy from.
                                                                  1.  Log in to CattleUSA.
                                                                  2.  Push the Submit button next the auction you wish to be approved at.  The
                                                                    fi rst time you do this, a form will pop-up for you to fi ll out your contact
                                                                    information. Fill out your information then push the button at the bottom of
                                                                    the form to continue.
                                                                  3.  You have now sent your information to that auction. The auction will now
         All heifers are:
                                                                    be able to fi nd you in their data base and approve you to buy. If you would
          Bangs Vaccinated • PregGuard 10 • Poured with Ivomec
                                                                    like to be approved at other auctions push the submit button next to each
            Preg checked guaranteed open and ready to breed.
                                                                    auction you wish to be approved at. Your information will be forwarded to
                                                                    those auctions only.
         They are ready to go to pasture and breed!
                                                               Auctions do not have access to your information untill you send it to them.
        Dahl Land & Cattle LLC Annual Production SaleLand & Cattle LLC Annual Production Sale                     3
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