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Sale Information
        Sale Information

                                          30th Annual Production Sale

            Wednesday, May 3, 2017 • 6 p.m. CDT

                                  At Hoyt’s Angus Ranch • McHenry, ND

                         (3.5 miles North of McHenry, ND, on Hwy 20, 2 miles East, 0.5 miles North)
        Sale Day Phones:                                       Delivery:
            (701) 785-2425 • (701) 797-7280 • (701) 789-9950       We will deliver bulls for free within 300 miles for 15 days fol-
        Auctioneer:                                                lowing the sale. If you request us to keep the bulls longer than
                                                                   15 days, delivery arrangements will be made on an individual
            Roger Jacobs ....................(406) 373-7385, (406) 373-6124
                                                                   basis to accommodate our time schedule. Liability for death or
        Livestock Representatives:                                 injury of the bull will remain with the buyers.
            Kirby Goettsch, Farm & Ranch Guide ............(605) 380-3939  Hoyt’s Angus Guarantee:
            Vern Frey, Frey Livestock Sales & Service ........(701) 721-0344  All bulls selling over $3,000 or more are guaranteed for the fi rst-year
            Jason Frey, Western Ag Reporter ................... (701) 300-0845
                                                                   breeding season against injury.  He will be covered with a 50% guaran-
        Complimentary Supper                                       tee and the salvage value will be split 50/50. For example for a $3,000,
                                                                   $1,500 is covered by Hoyts and $1,500 is covered by the purchaser.
                                                                   Any salavage value will be shared half by Hoyts and half by purchaser.
               GENERAL SALE INFORMATION                            Breeding season is defi ned as 75 days after exposure. All claims for ad-
                                                                   justment must be made by Oct. 1, 2017. The difference between salvage
        Buyers Unable to Attend This Sale:                         value and purchase price will be given in the form of a replacement bull
            Mailed or telephone bids will be handled in the most confi den-  of equal value if available, or credit toward a purchase in future sales. All
            tial manner. You may contact any of the owners or livestock   claims must be inspected by a licesnsed veterinarian verifying tag num-
            representatives.                                       bers. Not responsible for death or neglect. This is not a mortality cover-
        Live Broadcast:                                            age as that is up to the buyer to insure his purchase at his discretion.
            The sale will be broadcast live over the internet. See directions   Terms and Conditions
            to register to bid on page 2.                          This sale will be conducted according to the American Angus
                                                                   Association Sale Terms & Conditions found online at:
                                                               Free Delivery – Fully Guaranteed:
        Online Catalog:                                            $50 discount if you haul your bull home on sale day.
   and                  Current weights and scrotal measurements will be available on sale day.
        Registration Certifi cates:                             Cattle Photography:
            Certifi cates will be provided to buyers upon request on sale day.  Branded Image & Promotion, McKayla Lura .... 701-307-0134
        Feeding Arrangements:                            
            Bulls can be fed for $2.50/day if left at the ranch longer than   Catalog:
            10 days following the sale. Liability for death or injury of the   Cow Camp Promotions, Tracey Koester ............701-475-2736
            bull will remain with the buyer during the feeding period.  Printed by United Printing, Bismarck, ND ........701-223-0505

        Johnes Tested Free:
            The dams of all bulls selling have tested free of Johne’s disease.
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