Page 10 - Effertz EZ Ranch's 11th Annual Breeders Seminar & Production Sale
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                                           Moderator Females

                                        3/4 Cow and 5/8 Heifer Calf
          17 EZ Gertie 103X                      Reg: MF32791
                 BD: 3/8/10  Tatt EZ103X  Black       BW: 60
                                        Rawhide R157
                 Buzz                   Brambletye Perfection II H002
        SC Gus S10 102H
                                        Admiral J222
                 ALM Bess 102H
                                        Brambletye Tara J534
                                        Midshipman M206
                                        Brambletye Felicity J167
        EZ Penny 128K

        Lot 17A: 5/8 heifer calf EZ504E born 4/17/17 sired by Sundance BW: 60#. Here’s a heavy
        milking Gus daughter out of 2001 National Champion Percentage Female EZ Penny 128K. She
        has a powerful Sundance heifer calf at side.                                Lot 17 and 17A
                                          Halfblood Heifer Calf Pair
          18 EZ Krystal 196A                     Reg: MF32623
                 BD: 11/12/13  Tatt EZ196A  Black     BW: 62
                                        Goan Wandoo II
                 Murrumbong LGL Bluey   Goan Black Opal
        Marco 9W
                                        Bar J Ponderosa 0K13
                 Bar J Miracle 7G9 2M42
                                        Bar J Miracle 7G9

        X16 Char X Red Angus

        Lot 18A: Halfblood heifer calf EZ117E born 4/13/17 sired by Duff Rebar 353 MM25442 BW:
        58#. What a pair. This a very nice, young cow with a terrifi c double halfblood show heifer calf at
        her side by Rebar.                                                 Lot 18 and 18A
                                          Halfblood Heifer Calf Pair
          19 EZ Malia 188A                       Reg: MF23858

                 BD: 5/28/13  Tatt EZ188A  Black      BW: 60
                                        Goan Wandoo II                                                  Duff Rebar 353,
                 Murrumbong LGL Bluey   Goan Black Opal                                                     sire of
        Marco 9W
                                        Bar J Ponderosa 0K13                                            Lots 18A and 19A
                 Bar J Miracle 7G9 2M42
                                        Bar J Miracle 7G9
                                        NBH Polled Energizer
                 Cowan’s Ali
                                        FJH Countess 115H
        200R Maine X Angus

        Lot 19A: Halfblood heifer calf EZ122E born 4/15/17 sired by Duff Rebar 353 MM25442 BW:
        52#. Another beautiful double halfblood Rebar heifer calf at the side of a young Moderator
        female whose dam was a Grand Champion at the Minnesota Beef Expo. She’s out of an own
        daughter of the popular Maine Anjou bull Cowan’s Ali.                                           Lot 19 and 19A
                                    Halfblood Cow and 3/4 Bull Calf
          20 TCS Erica’s Ace 13A                 Reg: MF20343
                 BD: 7/3/13  Tatt ECS13A  Black
                                        Ardrossan Findon
                 Findon Royale          Kimbolton Daphne
        EBC Ace X74

                 Schmit CA Dam 47U

                                        Beau Lad
                 Fairwyn’s Low Beau 204M
                                        Brambletye Agnes J306
        TCS Erica 10U

        Lot 20A: 3/4 bull calf EZ321D born 11/17/16 sired by All Jacked Up BW: 57#. She’s a
        long sided halfblood daughter of the National Champion EBC Ace. She was reserve division
        champion in Denver and a two time division champion in Houston. She’s got a great All Jacked
        Up bull calf at side.                                                           Lot 20
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