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                                              Moderator Bulls

                                                  Halfblood Bull
          53 EZ Sutt on 127C                     Reg: MM32695
                 BD: 4/24/15  Tatt EZ127C  Black      BW: 65
                                        Nevada N060
                 Utah                   Brambletye Bronwyn II M051
        EZ Sundance 010Y
                                        Point Taken
                 Lady MA X AN
                                        EZ Lisbon 29L
                 EZ Titan 7T
                                        EZ Lady Luck 51N
        EZ Tipper 140Z
                 M164 Salers X Angus

        You’ve got to like what you see in this Sutton bull. He’s a stout made double halfl bood devel-
        oped on a forage ration and packing the beef! His granddam is a big bodied, high performance,
                                                                                        Lot 53
        easy fl eshing Salers X Angus cow.                                               Lot 53
                                                  Halfblood Bull
          54 EZ Sheldon 101C                     Reg: MM32694
                 BD: 2/1/15  Tatt EZ101C  Black       BW: 60
                                        Nevada N060
                 Utah                   Brambletye Bronwyn II M051
        EZ Sundance 010Y
                                        Point Taken
                 Lady MA X An
                                        Bonanza’s Brenton 02L
                 Little Joe 305R
                                        Bonanza’s Sara 200M
        CRL Miss Chain A15
                 Commercial Dam

        If you want a nice made, long bodied, easy calving 60# birthweight double halfl bood Moderator
        that will produce calves that come easy and really grow…you want this bull. His dam is a great
                                                                                        Lot 54
        Little Joe daughter.                                                            Lot 54
                                                  Halfblood Bull
          55 EZ Mandan 163C                      Reg: MM32701

                 BD: 6/15/15  Tatt EZ163C  Red        BW: 68
                                        Goan Wandoo II
                 LGL Murrumbong Bluey   Goan Black Opal
        Marco 9W
                                        Bar J Ponderosa 0K13
                 Bar J Miracle 7G9 2M42
                                        Bar J Miracle 7G9

        1114Y Salers X Angus

        This red Marco halfblood will put some grow in his calf crop and has a great 68# birthweight. He
        was one of the younger bulls in that crop but always a stand out!
                                                                                        Lot 55
                                                                                        Lot 55
                                                  Halfblood Bull
          56 EZ Dawson 162C                      Reg: MM32700
                 BD: 5/30/15  Tatt EZ162C  Red        BW: 65
                 SC Gus S10 102H        ALM Bess 102H
        Alta Demolition BIL 214Y
                                        Ardrossan Richmond
                 Alta Evangeline BIL14U
                                        Alta May BIL 14K

        170Y Salers X Angus

        Dawson is a very well built red halfblood Demolition son from an excellent Salers X Red Angus
        base. With a 65# birthweight, he should make a great heifer bull and sire some nice looking
                                                                                        Lot 56
        calves.                                                                         Lot 56
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