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Heaven Bound Farms Complete Dispersal – Fullbloodsven Bound Farms Complete Dispersal – Fullbloods

        Jim Tipple started his Heaven Bound   daughters he also got from Springhill and   fullblood females from great cow families
        Lowline herd in 2009 with the purchase   three females go back to the Riverwood   that are seldom offered for sale except in
        of some outstanding foundation fullblood   Nora line by Spring Creek Tommy.  a dispersal situation – a great opportunity
        females. He has built some great cow                                      for buyers to add exceptional genetics to
        families from these prolifi c, fertile females.    The addition of the J & K Dr. Love bull (lot   their existing herds or to start a herd from
                                             97), the great Doc Holliday son of Felicity   a pre-existing, productive cow base!
        10 females trace to the Double D     65J, a full sister to the National Champion
        Sagebrush cow. 10 females trace to the EZ   Fantasia, has complemented these   Jim has just started calving, Check the
        Magic 8S daughters Jim purchased from   powerful cow families.            online supplement sheet at
        Dave Hill as Springhill Farms in Illinois.                       for updated
        Six females trace to the Fairwyn’s Legacy   This is a prolifi c producing herd of largely   information and photos.

                                                        EZ Fantasia 20J,          ALM Fidelity 65J, dam of herdsire J & K Dr. Love
                                              2001 National Champion Female and full sister
                                                  to herdsire J & K Dr. Love’s mother

                The Double D Sagebrush

                          Cow Family

        This Sagebrush cow family has at its foundation a Quartermaster
        daughter of the Bar J Teri 7G12 cow whose dam is Brambletye
        Tara II M042, a sister to ALM Bess 102H, that was one of the
        top embryo producers for the Brambletye herd in Australia.
        Quartermaster cattle are noted for their exceptional carcass
        characteristics, great udders, tremendous soundness and

         35        DLT ROXIE 2X                                 36        JLT RITA

                                                Bred Fullblood Cow
                                                                                                       Bred Fullblood Cow
             Color: Black  Tattoo: DT2X  ALR#: FF11070  BD: 6/14/10      Color: Black  Tattoo: JLT2Z  ALR#: FF21206  BD: 6/10/12
             Consignor: Heaven Bound Farm                           Consignor: Heaven Bound Farm
                                       ATHANLEE HERMAN                                        KINTYRE DUNDEE
             FAIRWYNS TORREY                                        J & K DOCTOR LOVE 19X
                                                                                              BRAMBLETYE ARUNTA
                                       NEVADA N060
                FAIRWYNS LILY         [ 7L151 GOLDILOCKS               ALM FIDELITY 65J      [ MUGGA FIDELITY F338
                                       BAR J NAUTILUS 7G3                                     BRAMBLETYE TRANSAM
                BAR J NAUTILUS 7G3 0K16  [ BAR J FROSTY 7G8            FAIRWYNS TORREY       [ FAIRWYNS LILY
            DOUBLE D SAGEBRUSH                                      DLT ROXIE 2X
                                                                                              BAR J NAUTILUS 7G3 0K16
                                       QUARTERMASTER Q117
                BAR J TERI 7G12 1L25  [ BAR J TERI 7G12                DOUBLE D SAGEBRUSH    [ BAR J TERI 7G12 1L25
        She is pasture exposed to J & K Doctor Love 19X FM14310 8/1/16 - 11/30/16.  She is pasture exposed to Red Unique Fire FM26845 8/1/16 - 11/30/16.

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