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          Reference Stallions                                                                                      H

                                                                              Lonsum Drift 045
                                                                     A        1997 Brown Stallion         #3633451
                                                       Foal oal
                                                      2   18                        Double Drift    Gray Chip
                                                      6   30    Drifts Chip                         Rose Wood
                                                                                                    Diamond Chip
                                                     13   34                        Diamond Isle    Dusty Babe
                                                                                                    Tiger Leo
                                                                                    Lonsum Tiger
                                                                Lonsum Badger 045                   Kiowa’s Diana
                                                                                                    Double Devil
                                                                                    Could           Hattie’s Badge
                                                    Lonsum Drift 045 is a 1997 stallion that fi ts into our production operation nicely. He is well dispositioned
                                                    and owns an incredible pedigree. Drift rides out well; he is quick and handy under saddle.

                                                    Drift consistently produces top-quality foals for our sale. He is a strong breeder that puts big hips on his
                                                    foals along with good foot and bone. Several of Drift’s colts are standing at stud. We also have geldings of
                                                    Drift’s on several ranches, and the buyers are very pleased with them. They are smart, quick to learn and
                                                    easy to get along with.
                                                    Drifts Chip’s fi rst AQHA performers earned points in open reining and open heeling. Many of his foals are
                                                    highly valued rodeo and ranch horses. Lonsum Tiger was the 1979 NCHA Reserve World Champion Cutting
                                                    Horse. Tiger Leo AAA has sired 24 Superior, 10 AQHA Champions, four World Champions, three Reserve
                                                    World Champions. Kiowas Diana, a triple-bred King mare, is the dam of three AQHA Champions, and 592
                                                    AQHA Open Points. All of her performers are full brothers and sisters to Lonsum Tiger.
                                                    Lonsum Drift 045 is 12.5% Driftwood, 4.69% Joe Reed, with 14 crosses to Traveler, 10 crosses to Little Joe,
                                                    and 9 crosses to Peter McCue.

                                                                              Awesome Roany

                                                                    B         2009 Bay Stallion           #5206364
                                                       Foal oal
                                                      3   21                        Mr Pete Oswald  Oswald’s Pete
                                                      4   23    Awesome Pete                        Oh Miss Sadie
                                                      7   24                        Gin Blaze       Gin Cake
                                                      9   27                                        High Rolling Roany
                                                     11   28                        Roanys Tomcat   Jax Red Cat
                                                     12   32    Twisty Sagebrush    Judy Dixie      Mr Pete Oswald
                                                     15   33                                        Sagebrush Dixie
                                                     19      “Pete” is an old-fashioned foundation stallion with muscle, hip and bone. He has really
                                                             proven himself again with another set of outstanding foals. We are very pleased with his
                                                             foals, and his disposition and pedigree are hard to top. His foals are smart and easy to work
                                                             with. Pete’s pedigree represents: 53.2% Peter McCue cross connection, 12.5% High Rolling
                                                             Roany, 11.8% Piggin String, 9.6% Locks Rondo, and 4.9% Driftwood.

                                                          Rich Lewis on High Rolling Cedar
        2                                                           HQH Production Sale – August 20, 2017 – At the Ranch – 1 p.m. CDT
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