Page 15 - Sperry Quarter Horses Sale August 2017 Performance, Production, Invitational
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                                                                 14                                  2011 Sorrel Gelding
                Lot 14                                                     DOC CD SMOKE
                Lot 14

                                                                                                  {  Doc O’Lena
                                                                                 CD Olena
                                                               I CD Cow         {                  CD Chica San Badger
                                                                                 Snip’s Cherie
                                                                                                  {  Smoke 49
                                                                                                   Red Ant’s Snip
                                                                                                  {  Colonel Freckles
                                                               Centenial Pride  {  Coyote Colonel  Katy Lynx
                                                                                  Centennial Gem   Doc Dusted
                                                                                                  {  Docs Gemette
                                                               This is a solid horse that has seen lots of miles. I’ve branded, doctored and calved on this good mount.
                                                               He’s also been in the feed yards and works gates well. Gentle and sound with lots of cow.
                                                                                                 Tyler Clawson • 720-984-5616

                                                                 15                                 2008 Sorrel Gelding
                Lot 15 • Rooster                                           SRR GUNN
                Lot 15 • Rooster

                                                                                                   Miss Silver Pistol
                                                               Dual Freck Quixote { Dualin Gun    {  Dual Pep
                                                                                 Frecks Lacey Quixote  Colonel Quixote
                                                                                                   Frecks Little Chex
                                                                                                  {  Hooky Dell
                                                               Dolly Q Dell     {  Hookys Kanook   Confetti High
                                                                                  Rafter S Santa Glory {  Mr San Cuatro
                                                                                                   Rafter S Gold Bet
                                                               Rooster is a head horse that scores good. He travels good outside and is solid and
                                                               gentle. He stands 15.2 H. He shoes good and is gentle. Daryn heads on him and he is
                                                               good in the box.

                Lot 16                                                     DLO BLACK BART
                                                                 16                                 2005 Black Gelding
                Lot 16

                                                                                                   Sweet Sophistication
                                                               Macs Heir To Chance { Macriffi k    {  Heiroriffi k
                                                                                 Dollys Lil Ash    Tip By Chance
                                                                                                   Tuff Dolly
                                                                                                  {  Pine Delrio Hygro
                                                               Miss Pixy Pine   {  Pine Bartender  Goldy My Ear
                                                                                  Mis Pixy Van    {  Pixys Joe Reed
                                                                                                   Mis Van Six Othree
                                                               This is a good-minded, gentle horse. He has been used for general ranch work. He knows what cattle
                                                               are and he is also good with a nice, fun trail ride. No holes. Nice big family-type gelding.
                                                                                                 Taylor Colborn • 806-654-5490

                Lot 17 • Chip
                                                                 17                                   2011 Dun Gelding
                Lot 17 • Chip                                              CN SMART CHIP
                                                                                                  {  Wilywood
                                                               JD Chippers Peppy { JD Wily Chipperwood Chalamar Drifter
                                                                                 Miss Beetle Peppy  Colonel Charge
                                                                                                   Peppy Jennie
                                                                                                  {  Smart Little Lena
                                                               Smart Little Tilly  {  Gray N Smart  Blue Lynx
                                                                                  Miss Holey Trip  {  Tripolay Bar
                                                                                                   The Best of Holey
                                                               A good-looking dun gelding with a puppy-dog personality. He is 14.2 H, gentle with no
                                                               buck. His dam was a fi nished cutting horse with two NDHSRA campion titles. He has been
                                                               ridden on the ranch and knows how to stop and turn around. He is soft, moves off leg
                                                               pressure, and roping the Tuf Kaf and Hot Heels.  Clint Neshem • 701-721-4226
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