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18       Pokeys Chill Bone Joe

                                                                         2010 Solid Bay Gelding       APHA #990572
                                                                                                    Rick Will Be
                                                                                   Pokey Rick Star
                                                               Pokeys Poco Rick                     Pokey’s Leo Liz
                                                                                                    Taters Jet Man
                                                                                   Grans Rising Star  Krogs Starlite
                                                                                                    King Greasebar
                                                                                   Spotted White Man
                                                               Unspotted Dawn                       Puerto Rico Lass
                                                                                                    Tennessee Dry
                                                                                   Miss Peppy Dawn  Lee’s Delta Dawn
                                                               Chilli is a big, beautiful gelding. He has been to the Pro rodeos, World Series and
                                                               hauled to jackpots. He scores like a rock, runs hard and has a nice face. He is an
                                                               awesome breakaway, goat tying horse, and also runs barrels and poles. He is a super
                                                               all-around gelding for high school rodeos or Pro Rodeo level. Chilli is extremely
                                                               gentle and nice to handle. He has been used on the ranch to doctor cattle and is out-
                                                               standing in the branding pen. He is current on deworking and shoeing and has great
                                                               foot and bone. He’s good to clip, shoe, bathe and haul. Don’t miss this outstanding
                                                               gelding! Sells sound and safe. Call for more information.
                                                                                             Rory Patten – 780-542-0643

                                                                 19       Silver

                                                                         2011 Gray Gelding                    Grade
                                                               Silver is an extremely calm, gentle and easy-to-get-along-with horse. We have used
                                                               Silver on the ranch where he is very trustworthy and safe. He stays very laid back in
                                                               the branding pen and he is really fun to rope on. Silver is great down the trails. He is
                                                               good in steep, rocky country and crosses water and downfall with ease. He is a really
                                                               nice horse that has the looks and disposition to be a family favorite. He is the type of
                                                               horse that anyone can get along with. Call for more information.
                                                                                        J Arrow Livestock – 208-550-0992

        V                                                                                                        1111
        Videos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale ideos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale
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