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34        Roan From Texas

                                                                         2007 Sorrel Gelding         AQHA #4954518
                                                                                                    Doc O’Lena
                                                                                   Smart Little Lena
                                                               Strait To Texas                      Smart Peppy
                                                                                                    Peppy San Badger
                                                                                   Peppy Little Tivio  Tari Tivio
                                                                                                    Miss N Cash
                                                                                   Miss N Okie
                                                               Miss N Annie Okie                    Okie K Cutie
                                                                                                    Doc O’Lena
                                                                                   Jimmette O Lena  Jimmette Too
                                                               Head, heel or breakaway rope – Tic Tac is a 10-year-old AQHA gelding that is gor-
                                                               geous, has handle and is a winner. He has been used at World Series, Wrangler and
                                                               rodeos on the heel side. He’s super broke with looks to kill for. He has been used
                                                               extensively on the ranch and in the feedlot and branding pen. Tic Tac is the real deal
                                                               for someone looking for a performance horse with a ranching background. Watch
                                                               him in the jackpot on Friday night! He will be hauled to jackpots and rodeos until
                                                               sale day.
                                                                                     Donnie & Lexi Benson – 406-396-3570

                                                                35        GDR Romi Leonardo

                                                                         2010 Buckskin Tobiano Gelding   GV #04271P
                                                                                                    The Boss UK
                                                                                   The Business (aka The Boss)
                                                               Sir Royal Excalibur                  Foundation Mare

                                                                                   Foundation Mare

                                                                                   Foundation Stallion
                                                               GDR Romi Angel
                                                                                   Foundation Mare
                                                               Gorgeous, gentle, sound, sweet and kind are just a few thinkgs to say about Leonar-
                                                               do! We love him and know you will too. He is the total package. We have sorted on
                                                               him and ranch horse showed him, used him to pony horses at Paint Congress. You
                                                               name it, he does it. He’s safe for any rider. Watch his videos under West Fork Ranch.
                                                               He is smooth gaited, sure footed, athletic, a big stopper, has a correct turnaround
                                                               and is safe, safe, safe. He stands 14.1 H.
                                                                                         West Fork Ranch – 940-765-7177

        V                                                                                                        1919
        Videos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale ideos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale
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