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38        JF Cap Gun

                                                                         2010 Gray Gelding           AQHA #5514577
                                                                                                    Freckles Playboy
                                                               PG Dry Fire                          Miss Silver Pistol
                                                                                                    Dry Doc
                                                                                   The Dry Look     Miss Telstar
                                                                                                    Master Remedy
                                                               Sillawetta                           Just Docs Socks
                                                                                                    Jab O Lena
                                                                                   Jablina          Bobcat Logic
                                                               Cap is a 7-year-old gelding that we raised. He has a big stop, solid spins and good
                                                               lead changes. He has experience in branding, ranch horse competition, reined cow
                                                               horse and has been used in the mountains for riding and packing. Only shown twice,
                                                               he is a money earner in NRCHA and ranch horse competition.
                                                                                              Jeff Fenske – 406-529-6036

                                                                39        Cruisinbooger

                                                                         2011 Red Roan Gelding       AQHA #5412120
                                                                                                    Son Of Les
                                                                                   Commanders Boy
                                                               Cruisin Casanova                     Commander’s Babe
                                                                                   Miss Leo Zip     Leo Zip
                                                                                                    Babe Hollywood 2
                                                                                                    Peppy Badger Chex
                                                                                   Chex On Three
                                                               Shesa Peppy Badger                   Chexette Command
                                                                                   Berts Christmas Chex  Bert Booger
                                                                                                    Berts Christmas
                                                               Cruise is just as pretty as a picture, and he will turn heads as he CRUISES on by.
                                                               A fl awlessly made strawberry roan gelding, has a huge hip and a strong hind leg
                                                               with a babydoll head and kind eye. Cruise is easy to catch and gets along well with
                                                               other horses. Has very quiet ground manners and is fun to ride. Used and ridden
                                                               extensively on the ranch having had a real occupation doctoring, sorting, gathering
                                                               and branding. A deluxe trail horse, rides in between the bridle reins, and moves off
                                                               leg pressure. Has a smooth ground-covering gait and collects when asked. A nice
                                                               head and heel horse, also breakawayed on. It’s becoming very hard to fi nd one that
                                                               can work both ends and certainly one who looks like Cruise. If you want to stand out
                                                               in the crowd, and look good doing it, come and ride Cruise.
                                                                                Turner Performance Horses – 406-381-2347

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        Videos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale ideos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale
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