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2       Jimmimac Rey Jay

                                                                         2006 Palomino Gelding      AQHA #4944985
                                                                                                    Jimmy Mac Bee
                                                                                   Jimmy Leo Bert
                                                               Bert Mac Bee                         Flicka H Bert
                                                                                                    Judy’s King
                                                                                   Frosty Shadow    Nelson’s Manitou
                                                                                                    Rey Jay
                                                                                   Tamu Zantanon Rey
                                                               Reyasan Badger                       Miss Zan Thomas
                                                                                                    Peppys Slipapar
                                                                                   Peppys Slip Par  Flyers Goldie
                                                               Adorned with ALL the bells and whistles. King is a hard-to-fi nd shorter, stout-built
                                                               style horse, with a good size hoof and bone. He is just magnifi cent to look at and will
                                                               turn heads wherever he goes. King has traveled miles upon miles on the trails – we
                                                               promise he will have the best fl at-footed walk of any horse in this sale. He is point
                                                               and go, not spooky or scared of traffi c. King will be the foreman’s go-to ranch horse.
                                                               He is ready to take the lead in any situation and such a pleasure to ride. He has been
                                                               used in the branding pen and to gather and sort a lot of cattle, has an easy-to-ma-
                                                               neuver neck rein, and can turn around very correct. Chocked full of cow, he tries
                                                               hard and knows the task at hand. A true all-around, in the arena King is a really neat
                                                               head horse who has also heeled and roped calves. He has the foot speed you need
                                                               and can rate. King is sure to satisfy many, and there will not be another one like him
                                                               in the sale.
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        Videos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale ideos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale
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