Page 4 - Front-Pasture Female Sale - Registered & Commerical Red Angus Nov. 15, 2017
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Terms & Conditions
        Terms & Conditions
        SALE TERMS AND CONDITIONS            TERMS                                  or until the expiration of (72) hours
           Except for those stated in the below   Terms of the sale are cash or check   after the sale for animals being picked
           terms and conditions, there are     to the clerk at the conclusion of the   up by the Purchaser. After that, there
           no warranties, either expressed or   auction. Animals are not to leave until   will be a per day feed cost added to
           implied, as to merchantability or   paid for in full.                    the purchase price, payable before
           fi tness for a particular purpose with                                    possession occurs.
           respect to the cattle being sold at   BIDDING
           this auction. The warranties and    Each animal will be sold to the highest  ANNOUNCEMENTSANNOUNCEMENTS
           guarantees are set forth in these   bidder. The auctioneer in charge will   Changes of information contained
           Terms and Conditions are in lieu of all   settle any disputes as to bids, and   in this catalog relating to the
           other warranties, either expressed or   his decision on such matters shall be   animals offered for the sale will be
           implied, and the remedies provided   fi nal.                              announced from the auction box
           therein shall be the sole and exclusive                                  and such announcements shall
                                             PURCHASER’S RISK
           remedy of the purchaser or any party   PURCHASER’S RISK                  take precedence. Errors discovered
           claiming through purchaser, for any   Each animal will be at the Purchaser’s   in the catalog will be corrected by
           breach of warranty or guarantee     risk as soon as sold. Animals will be   announcements at sale time and such
           therein provided, and all other     fed and cared for free of charge to   corrections will take precedence over
           obligations or liabilities.         purchaser, until loaded for shipment   the printed matter in this catalog.

                                                                                    All persons who attend the sale do
                                                                                    so at their own risk. The seller, the
                                                                                    sale manager, and its employees,
                                                                                    cooperators, consignors and all
                                                                                    other persons connected with the
                                                                                    management of the sale, assume
                                                                                    no responsibility, liability, legal or

                                                                                    Seller offers each registered animal
                                                                                    with a readable tattoo corresponding
                                                                                    to its catalog designation and
                                                                                    registration when applicable.

                                                                                  REGISTRATION TRANSFER
                                                                                  REGISTRATION TRANSFER
                                                                                     If you want registration certifi cates
                                                                                    transferred to you, this request
                                                                                    must be made with the sale clerk
                                                                                    at settlement on sale day or within
                                                                                    twenty (20) days thereafter by
                                                                                    written notifi cation. After twenty
                                                                                    (20) days, the transfer fees will be
                                                                                    the responsibility of the Purchaser.
                                                                                    All registration certifi cates will be
                                                                                    withheld until the check clears the
                                                                                    bank. Registration certifi cates will be
                                                                                    mailed to you within ninety (90) days
                                                                                    of date of sale. Inform the clerk when
                                                                                    checking out if you need them sooner
                                                                                    than ninety (90) days.

        2                                                                                    Front-Pasture Female Sale
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