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Welcome to the Big Sky Elite Female Sale!

                                                               As the 2017 auction season winds down, it has been a tremen-
                                                               dous year for Red Angus cattle. Within the beef industry the Red
                                                               Angus breed has experienced unprecedented breed expansion.
                                                               From increases in cattle registrations and memberships, to
                                                               the ultimate demand for commercial Red Angus females, there
                                                               is no breed that is gaining interest more than Red Angus. As
                                Jim, Bob, Julie and Tom Morton  a member of the RAAA Strategic Planning committee, critical
                                                               mass in increased cattle numbers within the beef industry has
                                                               been at the forefront of our agenda. I believe in 2016 and 2017
                                                               we are seeing an explosion in Red Angus genetics in commercial
                                                               cow herds across the nation. As cattlemen experience the docil-
                                                               ity and maternal traits of the Red Angus female, I think we have
         J.D., Sutton, Jeremy
           & Laney Dunbar                                      only seen the beginning of what’s to come.
                                                               As we move forward into 2018, the Big Sky Elite offering allows
                Traig, Craig, Taryn,
                Trac & Cayl DeBoer                             you to get poised and ready to be part of the “Red Revolution.”
                                                               This sale offers cattle from four of the breed-leading herds in the
                                                               United States. In a few short months, these cows and heifers
           Paul & Kara  a
                                                               will be delivering the next generation of Red Angus superstars.
         Herbst; Renee,
                                                               Genetics from the Klompien, Feddes, C-T and Green Mountain
           Brad & Cole
                                                               programs can create sale toppers, showring champions and bull
                                                               test winners, as well as some of the most productive registered
           Dave & Kay
            Klompien                                           females in the business. If you want to invest in some superior
                                                               Red Angus genetics, make plans now to participate in this auc-
                                                               If I can assist you in any way regarding your selections, please
                                                               feel free to contact me at 641-919-1077. My plans are to be in
                                                               Three Forks Monday, Dec. 4 through sale day, I will be avail-
                                                               able to look at the cattle and give you my unbiased opinion. If
                                                               you want me to handle your bids, I will do so with the strictest
                                                               of confi dence. I look forward to seeing you in Three Forks on
                                                               December 6.
                                               Jake & Alyssa
              Chuck and Carol Feddes Family    Feddes and Ella  Best Regards,
                                                               Kyle Gilchristy G

          Get off 1-90 at the Logan Exit, #283. Go north and take a left on the frontage road. Proceed west toward Three Forks, about 1/2 mile. Take a right
          onto Logan Trident Road, heading north. The road immediately crosses the Gallatin River and the railroad tracks, as shown on the map. Green
          Mountain Red Angus is 2 miles from the railroad tracks. Watch for the large Green Mountain Red Angus sign.
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