Page 14 - North Dakota Red Select Sale – Dec. 9, 2017 Red Angus Open and Bred Heifers
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                          DIAMOND C NOR
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                                                                                                            OPEN HEIFER
                                                                  16 16  DCND MISS NEW BEGINNING 1701
                                                                           BIRTH DATE
                                                                                 REG. #
                                                                          1/26/17 3787763  100% 1A  BW:   848
                                                                   ANDRAS NEW DIRECTION R240   ANDRAS IN FOCUS B152
                                                               OHRR 85Y-ND COMPASS 79C        | ANDRAS KURUBA B111
                                                                   OHRR 9010 ELLE LANA 85Y     OHRR DAKOTA LANDMARK 5T
                                                                                              | LMG WELMA 9010
                                                                   PIE GAME PLAN 0618          VGW GAME PLAN 508
                                                               OHRR 4Z-32T CANYN ANA 119C     | PIE PRIME CANYON 927
                                                                                               OHRR 107J CHIEF TRUST 120X
                                                                   OHRR 32T-120X CNYN ANNA 4Z  | OHRR 112H CANYON KURABA 32T
                                                                 HB  GM CED  BW WW YW   M  ME  HPG  CEM  ST  MARB   YG   CW  REA   FAT
                                                                82  50  2  -0.5  69 108 22  0  10  4  8  0.37  0.09  33  0.12  0.01
                                                                73%  46% 80%  68% 16% 16% 40% 43% 72%  56% 72%  63%   83%  15%  52%   75%
                                                               Brood cow alert! Power and performance all bundled up in one! Miss New Beginning has been the
                                                               top heifer calf in the pasture all year long and continues to be after weaning.Tremendous potential
                                                               to be one of the top cows in any herd.
                                Lot 16

                                                                                                       PREGNANT ET RECIP
                                                                  17 17      ET PREGNANCY

                                                                       RED NORTHLINE CRUSH 59R    PIE ATLANTIC 2204
                                                                   RED NL GAF CRUSH 16B       |   RED NORTHLINE PRINCESS 59L
                                                                       RED NORTHLINE PORSCHE 16Z      RED NORTHLINE IGNITION 125W
                                                                                              |   RED JAYDERNE NADELLA 103N
                                                                       RED FINE LINE MULBERRY 26P      RED COMPASS MULBERRY 449M
                                                                   DAMAR MINOLA 26P B257      |   RED DUS FAYETTE 8G
                                                                                                   5L NORSEMAN KING 2291
                                                                       RED SSS MINOLA 2U      |   RED SSS MINOLA 333S
              RED NL GAF Crush 16B                             Parental Average EPDs
         2017 NWSS Reserve Champion Bull                         HB  GM CED  BW WW YW   M  ME  HPG  CEM  ST  MARB   YG   CW  REA   FAT
                                                                             0  -0.2  56  89  16  -9  13  3  11  0.28  -0.01 23  0.11  -0.02
                                                               Here is your chance at the second public offering ever in the U.S. of a Crush-sired calf and fi rst in
                                                               the northern United States! Crush has dominated his way through the competition from western
                                                               Canada all the way down to Texas, and everywhere in between. He really stamps out his mark in
                                                               all of his offspring with depth, incredible muscle mass and complete correctness. The donor is a
                                                               long, moderate-framed Mulberry daughter that sports 8 EPD categories in the top 25%. There is no
                                 Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P,   Crush semen available for public sale so this is an opportunity you will not want to let slip away!
                                 maternal grandsire                Ultrasounded safe for a 2/20/18 calf.

                                                                                                       PREGNANT ET RECIP
                                                                 18 18       ET PREGNANCY

                                              Red Blairs
                                              Bingo 581B           RED RINGSTEAD KARGO 215U    RED RINGSTEAD KARGO 107M
                                                               RED BLAIRS BINGO 581B          | RED RINGSTEAD MS EQUAL 589P
                                                                   WSF MS YANKEE 13T 12W       RED BRYLOR/WSP KARWEIK
                                                                                              | FINE LINE YANKEE 13T
                                                                   OHRR DAKOTA LANDMARK 5T     COLEY’S ADVANCE 5108
                                                               OHRR 23Y 5T ANNABELLE 113B     | OHRR 1098 CLASSY 48L
                                                                                               OHRR 107J LANDSLIDE 113R
                                                                   OHRR 32T-113 ANNABELLE 23Y  | OHRR 112H CANYON KURABA 32T
                                                               Parental Average EPDs
                                                                 HB  GM CED  BW WW YW   M  ME  HPG  CEM  ST  MARB   YG   CW  REA   FAT
                                                                       2  0.9  63 94 13  -3  10  6  8  0.47  0.02  27  -0.03 -0.02
                                                               A confi rmed pregnancy of one of the most powerful matings to come out of the Diamond C North
                                                               Dakota program this year. This power mating combines the hot and in-demand bull, Bingo, that
                                                               Blair’s Ag International sold for $60,000 with Annabelle 113B, a powerful, easy-keeping cow with
                                                               super capacity. Annabelle 113B produced the high-selling yearling bull in the 2017 Diamond C
                OHRR 23Y                                       Jubilee Sale. This breeding, we feel, could be your next top herd bull or donor cow!
                Annabelle                                          Ultrasounded safe for a 3/23/18 calf.

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