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Care and Management of Yearling Bulls

        We occasionally receive questions regarding the prop-   4.   Following the 60-day breeding season, proper
        er care and management of yearling bulls. The follow-       nutrition can pay big dividends in future devel-
        ing suggestions came from other seedstock producers         opment and usefulness of the young bull. This is
        and extension beef specialists:                             a very critical age as they start losing their teeth
                                                                    at 18-24 months of age and cannot utilize rough-
        1.   Yearling bulls coming off test need to be in good
             condition in order to withstand the expected           age as well as with permanent teeth. Research
             100-300 lbs. weight loss during breeding season.       indicates that a bull’s usefulness as a two-year-
                                                                    old can be retarded if not properly reconditioned
             Between the test period and start of breeding
                                                                    after use as a yearling. Feeding 10-15 lbs. of
             season, 8-13 lbs. of grain plus good quality hay
                                                                    grain (depending on condition) until the bull is
             or pasture is suggested.
                                                                    two years old, will help recover the lost weight
        2.   During breeding season, young bulls are still          and provide the nutrition needed for continued
             growing in addition to their breeding duties. Se-      growth.
             men production takes 60 days and poor pasture
                                                                5.   Annual deworming and treating for lice when
             or inadequate nutrition can severely affect libido,
                                                                    needed helps reduce stress and improves feed
             semen quality and quantity.
                                                                    ef ciency.
        3.   A maximum 60-day breeding season is suggested
             for yearling bulls, or rotation, to allow them time   These guidelines were developed by beef specialist to
             to rest.                                           help maximize the bene ts of superior genetics.

                                      Sale Terms & Conditions

        Health                                                 Selling Procedure
           Bulls and heifers were vaccinated by a licensed veteri-  Cattle are ready for inspection now. All are affordably
           narian as calves, including BovaShield Gold 5 (IBR, PI3,   priced in the catalog. Please register as you arrive Feb-
           BVD, BRSV) One Shot (Pasteurella, 7-Way, Blackleg and   ruary 3. Sale order will be determined by the buyer in
           Haemophilus), Inforce 3 intransal (IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV,   order of registration. If your selection is called to the ring
           poured for grubs and lice, and dewormed with an oral   prior to your buyer number being called, you will have
           wormer and Ivomec. The bulls received a booster C&D    the privilege of raising the bid. Normally, some bulls sell
           toxoid shot in November and the heifers were calfhood   at the listed price and some bring more if several buyers
           vaccinated for brucellosis.                            are interested in the same animal, but every buyer has an
        Registration                                              equal opportunity to buy the bull of their choice.
                                                                  If you cannot attend February 3rd, we can make arrange-
           On registered females, please give your name, address   ments to have someone represent you on a least-cost
           and association number to the clerk and the seller will   basis. Satisfaction guaranteed.
           transfer at no cost to the buyer. On bulls, seller will pay
           this cost if you desire registration papers. Please notify   Guarantee
           the clerk.                                             All cattle carry the standard breeding guarantee of the
        Sale Procedure                                            respective breed association. Bulls will be semen evalu-
                                                                  ated with a certi cate furnished. Bulls will be wintered
           •  All cattle are priced in the catalog at affordable prices.
                                                                  on a high roughage test ration, semen tested and ultra-
           •  No cattle are sold or reserved prior to 1 p.m.,     sound scanned in March. You may pick up your bulls
             Saturday, February 3, 2018.                          beginning April 1 or Loonans will deliver when in your
        Sale Order                                                area. Most deliveries are made April 1 to May 10. Please
                                                                  contact Loonans on cost of deliveries over 300 miles.
           Bulls will sell  rst, starting promptly at 1 p.m., February
           3, 2018. None are sold or reserved ahead of time. We plan  Motels
           a 15-minute break following the opening round of the
                                                                  Creston, IA (25 mi. east)
           bull sale to allow buyers who need additional bulls to      Super 8 ............................................ 641-782-6541
           make their selections.
                                                                  Red Oak, IA  (30 mi. west)
           Heifers will sell following the break at approximately 3      Super 8 ............................................ 712-623-6919
           p.m. and will be sold under the same procedures as the   Adair, IA (36 mi. north)
           bulls. If you have any questions, give Judy or Rick a call.     Jesse James Super 8 ....................... 641-742-5251

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