Page 4 - Broken Heart Ranch 40th Production Sale Red Angus & Quarter Horses – March 7, 2018
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Sale Information

        DELIVERY:                                              BREEDING GUARANTEE:
           It is our policy to assist in delivery to your ranch or to central   We guarantee all bulls to be breeders although we recommend you
           locations on major highways within 300 miles. Bulls or bred heif-  have the bull’s semen tested a couple of weeks before turn out time.
           ers picked up within three or four days will receive a $50 hauling   If after two tests a bull is found to be a non-breeder, we will replace
           refund. We will keep the bulls until April 1 at no charge but we will   the bull or allow credit toward next year’s sale. This guarantee is
           not be responsible for sickness or injury. However, we will keep you   void if there is evidence of improper management in caring for the
           informed if anything turns up. We would like to start delivering bulls   animal, or the bull’s inability to breed is due to sickness or injury
           as soon as weather permits. We’re giving a 5% discount on 5 or   which was incurred after being sold. The bull shall be returned by
           more bulls to the same ranch and a 10% discount for 10 bulls to the   the purchaser or other arrangements made with us. Scrotal mea-
           same ranch.                                            surements and ultra sound data on the bulls will be available on sale
                                                                  day. All bulls are born and raised on this ranch.
           All cattle are on a complete vaccination program and are BQA Certi-  LIABILITIES:
           fi  ed. The open heifers have been Bangs vaccinated and will have had   All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk. The owners
           two shots of Fusaguard. Oahe Veterinary Clinic, (605) 845-3634, is   assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents which may
           our primary veterinarian and will also be available on sale day. None   occur.
           of the cattle have had creep feed.
                                                               SEMEN INTEREST:
        COMMERCIAL HEIFERS:                                       Broken Heart Ranch is retaining a 1/3 semen interest in all bulls and
           The commercial heifers have been sorted into three groups and will   selling full possession, full salvage, plus 2/3 semen revenue. This
           sell in groups of 10 head with the option to take as many as the   means any semen sold on any of the bulls, Broken Heart will receive
           buyer would like. There is no delivery on the commercial heifers, but   1/3 the selling price per unit. We also reserve the right to collect
           we will assist in coordinating trucking as much as possible.  semen on any of the bulls, for our own use. This semen will be col-
                                                                  lected at our expense and the buyer’s convenience.
           Cattle will be available for inspection at any time prior to the sale.

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