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values to use in the index. These economic values
        are then multiplied by the EPD and summed to
        produce an overall index value for each animal for
        the selected scenario. This index places economic
        value on the various traits that are important to the
        given scenario.
        The AICA Terminal Sire Index is unique in that
        it does not always return the same index value
        unless the herd profi le and marketing scenario
        remains unchanged. This gives each producer the
        opportunity to customize the index by inputting
        herd profi le data that may be unique to their

        Remember though that this is a Terminal Sire
        Index and does not indicate which sires would be
        the most profi table when retaining replacement
        females. Factors other than what are used in the
        index are important considerations for replacement
        Producers also must use realistic information
        when inputting your herd and marketing profi le.
        To illustrate this, try changing one of the variables
        in the profi le without changing any of the others.
        For example, if all other profi le data is unchanged
        and weaning weight is increased to an unrealistic
        value of 1000 pounds the index returns the lowest
        growth bulls available. This is because with the
        increased weaning weight and the length of the
        back grounding and feeding phases a producer
        would receive huge discounts based on overweight
        carcasses at harvest. One of the major benefi ts of
        this index is its ability to help match genetics to
        management programs.

        For bulls to have a Terminal Sire Index they must be
        registered with the American-International Charolais
        Association. Each bull must also have an EPD for
        BW, WW, YW, MAT, REA, HCW, MARB and FAT.

        PROGENY PROVEN SIRES: Must have sired at least
        3 calves with performance data reported to AICA
        within the last two years and an accuracy value of
        .30 or higher.

        UNPROVEN SIRES: 30 months of age or younger.

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