Page 6 - Feddes and C-T Red Angus Annual Production Sale Bulls Heifers – March 26, 2018
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                                              TERMS AND CONDITIONS
           1.  The terms of the sale are cash unless prior arrangements have been made.

           2.  Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will settle any disputes and his decision on such matters shall be fi nal.
           3.  Any announcement from the block on sale day will take precedence over printed material.
           4.  Health certifi cates will be furnished for shipment anywhere in the United States.
           5.  Each animal becomes the buyer’s risk as soon as sold. Cattle will be cared for, for a reasonable length of time at the ranch, at the buyer’s risk.

           6.  Retained Interest: All bulls will sell half interest and full possession. The buyer receives full possession and full salvage value. The seller has
              the right to collect semen at the buyer’s convenience, and the seller’s cost. If the buyer wishes to share in the collection costs and revenues,
              that is his/her choice.
           7.  Registered heifers selling for more than $1,500 will sell with papers. Less than $1,500 will be sold as commercial.
           8.  All bulls selling that are not insured will be covered 50% if they are injured during the fi rst breeding season. 50% of the value of the injured
              bull will be given as credit in the next Feddes/C-T sale. All injured bulls must be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Please notify us by Sept. 15th
              should an injury occur prior to the injured bull being sold.
           9.  Everyone attending the sale does so at their own risk. Owners, clerks or other helpers do not assume responsibility, legal or otherwise, for
              damages of any kind.
           10.  Free delivery on bulls to central points within the fi rst 300 miles. $100 discount if bulls are picked up the day of the sale. We will assist in
              making delivery arrangements on heifers or they will be delivered at cost.
           11.  A certifi cate of registry and transfer will be furnished for each animal sold as a registered animal after settlement has been made.
           12.  The above terms and conditions shall constitute a contract between buyer and seller of each animal.

             These cattle do sell in accordance with the Sale Terms and Conditions set forth by the Red Angus Association of America.

                                                  HOW TO PARTICIPATE AS AN ABSENTEE BUYER


                                              We have made preparations to bid and buy your Red Angus Cattle through Superior Produc-
                                              tions’ “Call or Click-To-Bid” service for those unable to attend in person on sale day. Please
                                              note that all of the lots in the sale will also be available for viewing online prior to sale day at

                                                                 HERE’S HOW IT WORKS

          Turn in Bids Over the Phone. This is our traditional method of buying livestock. To get started simply go online to and click on the tab titled
          “Register for a Buyer Number”. Select the registration form for Superior Productions and print the registration form, fi ll it out and fax it in to Superior Productions at (817)
          378-3380 with a signature on it. You can also mail it in to the address provided on the form. Upon receipt of this information Superior will call you with a buyer’s number
          and the bid line phone number that you will use on sale day to place bids over the phone.

          Click-To-Bid. This is Superior’s newest way to buy cattle! Please note that high speed internet is required – this is not for dial-up or satellite internet. Registration is free, but
          you must become a member of to sign up. Becoming a member is easy – just go to the homepage of and follow
          the out-lined steps to get started. Input your information and select a username and password. You will receive an e-mail confi rming you are a member. From that point
          forward you just have to sign in and select the sale you would like to register for and once approved you will receive an e-mail confi rming which sale you are now registered

          Viewing the Auction. The sale will be broadcast live on the internet at – just go to the home page and select the auction. Remember, you can
          call in to bid over the phone when watching on the internet if you have registered for that service, but you must be a member of to “click-to-
          bid” and bid online. Your computer must have Flash Media Player installed to view the auction.
          Bidders who are successful in making purchases will be contacted by Superior Productions after the sale to settle payment and discover your shipping plans.

        4 – Feddes / C-T Red Angus Production Sale                 View the full-color catalog online at
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