Page 4 - Heart River Ranch/Open A Angus Production Sale Black & Red Angus – March 14, 2018
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General Information
        2 – Quality Genetics Built on a Heritage of Commitment

        Delivery                                               Heart River Ranch and Open A Angus
         Free Delivery to central points up to 500 miles. Balance will be at cost. We will make   Loss of Use Policy
         every effort to assist in deliveries of greater distance or by private arrangements and   2018 optional loss of use policy: Heart River Ranch and Open A Angus are striving to
         volume purchases. Delivery will be made at our convenience and efforts will be made   offer the best options not only in beef animal genetics but also loss of use protection
         to have bulls delivered by April 1.                     for bulls and/or females we offer to our customers. We would like to introduce our

        Feeding and Development of Bulls                         customers to the Stockman’s Insurance Policy which to the best of our knowledge and
         All bulls of Heart River Ranch were weaned in September and the Open A bulls   research offers the best protection to you, our customers.
         were weaned in late October.  The bulls did not receive creep feed with the excep-  Heart River Ranch/Open A Angus will pay 4% of sale price toward the
         tion of a few Open A bulls that were ET calves produced at a recipient herd. Calves   Stockman’s Insurance policy. The balance of the policy will be paid
         received their pre-weaning and weaning vaccinations and were handled in every   by the customer. If the customer chooses to decline the policy, Heart
         respect as all natural. Bulls were fed to gain 2.5lb per head per day on a 1% grain   River Ranch or Open A Angus has no obligation to cover any loses
         and by product rotation. Bulls were fed free choice mineral, salt, and hay. We took   due to injury, sickness or death. Heart River Ranch/Open A Angus
         yearling weights at approximately 105 days post weaning with no post wean-  does guarantee all cattle to be sound the day of the sale. All bulls will
         ing adjustment period or warm up period. Our intent is to grow out the bulls for   be semen tested by the Wibaux Vet Clinic in March/April 2018.
         maximum longevity and integrity of the bull.
                                                                 Breeder’s Guarantee: All bulls are guaranteed to be breeders. All claims
        Historic Photos                                          for adjustment or refund must be made in writing within six months of the sale
         Most of the historic photos in this catalog were taken by Inez Kessler, Annette’s   date. In the event a bull is claimed to be a non-breeder, the purchaser may
         great grandmother between 1905 and 1908 in the Gaylord, ND area. Inez was   return the animal to the ranch of the seller if in good condition and complying
         the only person to have a camera in the area and as a result she took pictures of   with the health requirements of the Seller’s state. The Seller will be entitled to
         many people and events. The town of Gaylord was located about 13 miles south of   six months trial following the return of the animal in which to prove that the
         Belfi eld, ND along US Highway 85. The Gaylord Post Offi ce and store was a stop   animal is a breeder. If at the end of six months, the Seller shall be obligated
         for travelers going south. This building still stands at the Curt Molm place.   to replace the animal with another of equal value or to refund the purchase
                                                                 price. The return of the full purchase price shall in any case be deemed full
        Red Angus EPD Averages (non-parent)                      satisfaction and settlement. If the Seller proved the animal to be a breeder, it
         HB  GM  CED  BW  WW  YW  MK  ME  HPG  CEM ST  MB   YG   CW  REA   Fat  shall be the obligation of the purchaser to take delivery of the animal at the
          110  49 6  -2.0  57  90  19 0  11  5  10  0.42  0.03  21  0.07  0.00  purchaser’s expense.
        Angus EPD Averages (non-parent)                          Implied warranty: Except for those stated in the terms and conditions, there
                                                                 are no warranties or implies, as to merchantability or fi tness for a particular
         CED  BW  WW  YW  CEM MILK MW MARB REA  FAT   $W   $F   $B  purpose with respect to the cattle being sold in this auction. The warranties
          +6 +1.4 +50  +89  +8 +24  +29 +.53 +.48 +.011 +46.00 +43.00 +112.00  set forth in the terms and condition are in lieu of all other warranties, either
                                                                 expressed or implied and the remedies provided therein shall be the sole and
        Sale Terms & Conditions                                  exclusive remedy of the buyer, or any party claiming through the buyer, for
         The terms of the sale are cash. No release will be given until satisfactory settlement has   any breach of warranty or guarantee therein provided and all other obligations
         been made. All settlements will be made with the clerks of the sale immediately after   or liabilities.
         the sale. We reserve the right to withhold animals from shipment for whom payments
         have not been received prior to departure date. Every animal sells to the highest bidder   Health
         and in cases of disputes, the auctioneer’s decision will be fi nal. All Sales are subject to   Bulls and heifers were treated with Enforce at birth and branding and were calf hood
         an acceptable semen examination. Semen evaluation certifi cates will be furnished to   vaccinated with 4-way and 7-way. At weaning, calves were given a 5-way, 7-way and
         the buyer at delivery.                                  One Shot, boosters were also given. Calves and cows were poured with Dectomax in
                                                                 the spring, fall and late winter. All bulls will be vaccinated with Preg Guard, Endovac
         Bulls were carcass ultrasounded on February 25, 2018.   and wormed prior to delivery. All females are bangs vaccinated and on a fall vaccina-
                                                                 tion program.
         Updated EPD information, carcass ultrasound, and 50K data will be provided
         at the sale and available at or www.openaangus.  Semen Tests:  Bulls will be semen tested after the sale.
         com. This information will be available as soon as it is received from the Red
         Angus Association of America or the American Angus    Semen Interests:
         Association.                                            Heart River Ranch and Open A Angus are each respectively retaining 50 percent revenue-
                                                                 sharing semen interest in every bull selling in this sale. Full possession and full salvage
                                                                 value sells on all bulls. If a buyer chooses to collect and market semen, the seller will share
         All bulls have been tested using the Zoetis 50k genomic   proportionately in the collection costs and revenues earned. In the event that the seller
         test and parent verifi ed.                               chooses to collect semen for “in herd” use, it will be done at the seller’s expense and at
                                                                 buyer convenience. Semen will be made available to buyer at cost.
         Health certifi cates and brand releases will be furnished for shipment anywhere
         in the United States.                                 Volume Discounts
         Each animal carries a readable tattoo or freeze brand.   We are pleased to give a volume buyer discount. You will receive 5% off of purchases
                                                                 of 5 to 9 bulls, and 10% off of 10 or more bulls. Please notify the clerk when you check
        Insurance                                                out to receive your discount. This is another way to say “Thank You” for your trust in
         Ownership risk to purchaser commences when the auctioneer’s hammer falls. Insurance   our program.
         will be available sale day. It is recommended that buyers insure their purchases for safe
         delivery. Purchaser assumes the risk of death or injury to their livestock immediately
         after the sale.
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