Page 5 - Heart River Ranch/Open A Angus Production Sale Black & Red Angus – March 14, 2018
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Our Family                                             Quality Genetics Built on a Heritage of Commitment – 3

                                       Tellan, Will and Kayla; Annette and Chuck; Laura;  Jim, Grace, Hudson and Lynn Arthaud
                                                Quinn and Dan Schaffer

              Luke Gregory Schaffer
                 Jan. 6, 2018

                                              Wes Obrigewitch,       Jim Cant,             Dey and Jen Obrigewitch,dd JJJ ObObO i  i itt hhh
                                                                                           D D D
                                            Open A Ranch Manager   Feedlot/Open A           Kramer Ranch/Open A

                                                                     Tim and Karen                        Tom and Becky
                                                                     Stevenson ,                          Scheef,
                                                                     Short Pines                          Frank’s Creek /
                Justin and Michelle Tyler,ttii  d MMii hh llll TT ll  Ranch/HRR                           Open A
                J J
              State Line Ranch/Open A Ranch

               A special thank you to all of our friends and neighbors for all of your help and support.
        Catalog and Ad Design        Brand Inspection          Clipping                    Barn Crew
         Tracey Koester, 701-475-2736  Donovan O’Brien           Jay Temchack,              Justin Ward
         Cow Camp Promotions         Carcass Ultrasound          Laughing Stock Cattle Services  Ty Nordby
        Printing                      Jason McLennan, 605-645-1630  Website                 Tucker Beck
                                                                                            Shayna Uffl man
         United Printing, Bismarck, ND  McLennan Enterprises     Therese Howie,             Emily Bendish
                                                                 Tess Howie Media and Marketing
        Videography                  Meals                                                  Rhonda Buckman
         Ken and Theresa Howie, 701-495-1706  Donald & Sarah Nordby, Badlands   Offi ce Crew  Rory Irwin
         Ken Howie Studios            Genetics, 701-879-6376     Heather Weishaar, head clerk  Megan Raty
                                      Cookies/Snacks: Michelle Tyler  Annette Steffan       Kyle Kostelecky
        Photography                   Salads and Desserts: Kayla Steffan  Diana Obrigewitch  Travis Koenig
         Annette Steffan              Julie Syness, Kim Colbert, Nikki Ed-  Laura Steffan   Kit Miller
        Veterinarians                 wards, Gage Edwards, Scott Edwards  Kayla Steffan     Kayla Obrigewitch
                                                                                            Wyatt Steckler
         Terry Hall, DVM, 406-796-2624
         Wibaux Veterinary Clinic, Wibaux, MT
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