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                                                                                  Rick & Amber Rohrich
                                                                             2838 Hwy. 3 • Steele, ND 58482

                                Rick and Amber,
                                Rick and Amber,
                        Kaden, Kylee and Kolden Rohrich
                        Kaden, Kylee and Kolden Rohrich


                   To say the least this year has been one hell of a roller coaster ride and the way it looks old mother
                   nature is not going away anytime soon!

                   2016 calving season went very well with little to no sickness or death loss. In early April, we had
                   some nice spring rain and then it shut off. We stayed very dry up to about mid-July. The rain we did
                   receive was very timely and we harvested some of the biggest crops we have ever had! Too bad they
                   are not worth much!!

                   The cattle market is also not what it has been the last few years. It started out soft off the cow in
                   October and November but has been on a nice little rebound and 2017 is starting off just not too bad.
                   Bull selection is a very valuable process. It will have a lasting impact on your herd for many years.
                   This is why we strive to produce cattle that will perform on a high roughage, low energy diet to
                   ensure a good footed, easy fl eshing animal. I am kind of a fan of a little extra length, depth of rib and
                   a little extra bone, when you get it all fi gured out the banker is a little happier because pounds pay and
                   this set of bulls will produce pounds.

                   These bulls are like “peas in a pod”, one like the other with the maternal traits to produce females we
                   all want in our replacement pen!! With that being said, buy with confi dence! This is a must-see set of
                   Red Angus bulls!
                   Excuse me the doorbell is ringing ... Oh, it’s just Mother Nature. Time to go push more snow!

                   Rick Rohrich
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