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                       Bonnebell Cow Family

                          Spring Lots: 33 – 57 • Fall Lots: 943 – 950

                     Damar N327 Bonnebell A185

        The Bonnebell cow family stems from the prolifi c DFRA
        Bonnebell N327, a DFRA Rocker 425 (Lchman Copper
        Rob 1204D x BJR Rocker 1193-353) daughter from
        past growth powerhouse RHRA Wrangler 3355-42B
        and the legendary RD Bonnebell 5E cow bred by Paul
        Haugen of Bootjack Cattle Co. fame. The Bonnebell cat-
        tle are larger framed, powerful growth cattle with style              DFRA Bonnebell N327
        and substance. Possibly the most prominent is Damar
        N327 Bonnebell A185, the 2015 Fort Worth Grand
        Champion Red Angus Female for Ty-Be and Englewood      the most infl uential cows in the Damar Program. Other
        Farms of Tennessee. Her demand and value was best      Bonnebell family’s recent successes include Damar
        exhibited in the 2016 Mile High Classic where embryos   Ballet 101W C167, a Division Winner in the 2016 NWSS
        sold for $2,600 each. This Bonnebell offering highlights  Junior Show in Denver and selling in the 2016 NAILE
        12 direct daughters and fi ve granddaughters of one of   Sale for $10,000 for Kip Wallace.

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