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                          Pandora Cow Family

                 Spring Lots: 66 – 130 • Fall Lots: 951 – 959

                                                   Messmer Pandora M186

        The largest cow family to infl uence the Damar program   own right, is the dam to six direct daughters and 12
        is certainly the 74 animals represented by the Pan-    ET pregnancies due this spring. The second is Damar
        doras. This family is headlined by Messmer Pandora     Junie Y003 who Mitch reports weaned the heaviest bull
        M186, a Leland Marias 271K x LMAN King Rob 8621        calves (by Redemption) of the entire Damar bull pen
        daughter and the dam to Messmer Jericho W041, an       last year.
        Accelerated Genetics patriarch, and Messmer Joshua
        019P, a top Red Angus bull of the recent past. In fact,   The fertility this cow family possesses is obvious by the
        there are 16 direct daughters of Pandora M186, includ-  number of prolifi c females in the Pandora section of
        ing eight full sisters to Messmer Jericho and Joshua,   the “Last Dance” catalog. Nothing in the cattle business
        sired by the carcass legend – Beckton Julian GG B571   equates to profi tability like fertility in the cow herd and,
        in this line-up.                                       when you add the heaviest weaning weights to this
                                                               clan, you defi nitely have some of the most prolifi c of
        The most noteworthy of the Jericho full sisters is –   the herd. Invest in these Pandora’s with a zest and vigor
        without question – Damar Julianna Z031, who in her     for enhancing your Red Angus operation at home!

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