Page 8 - Klain Simmental Ranch 35th Annual Sale
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Simmental Bulls

      18D       KSR BRODERICK 18D               CE EPDs 11.5
         BD:   ADJ BW:   ADJ WW:   GAIN ON TEST:  SC:  BW  1.4
       2/29/16  87      728       4.3     38.5  WW 62.9
                        GW ROBUST 605Z          YW   98.0
         LRS ARSENAL 121B                       MCE   9.1
                        LRS MS OLLIE 122Y       MM 26.6
                        SRS FORTUNE 500         MW 58.1
         KSR TRIUMPH 18W                        CW   30.4
                        KSR TRIUMPH 218L        YG   -0.32
      Out of a very prominent cow family, Broderick is an AI sired son of “Arsenal”.
      This bull boasts balanced EPDs in a strong maternal package, in the top   MB  0.28
      15% index for milk and maternal weaning weight (MWW).  API 138.4
                                                TI   73.2

      35D       KSR MAXIMUM 35D                  CE EPDs 12.5
                                3/4 SM 1/4 AR
          BD:   ADJ BW:   ADJ WW:   GAIN ON TEST:  SC:  BW  1.8
        3/2/16  83      697       5.3     34.0   WW 64.1
                        TNT BOOTLEGGER Z268      YW  95.1
         TNT WHISKY RIVER B298                   MCE  8.9
                        TNT MISS Y90             MM 25.1
                        HOOKS SHEAR FORCE 38K    MW 57.1
         KSR SHEAR LACE 35W                      CW  29.1
                        KSR PEPPERMINT 815T      YG  -0.26
      Here is a thick stout herd sire prospect who comes by his thickness
      naturally, his dam “KSR Shear Lace 35W” is a thick made, easy keeping cow.   MB  0.23
      MAXIMUM is the most unique “Whisky River” herd sire in a moderate frame.  API 137.1
      A real game changer that will sire replacement females with balanced EPDs  TI  71.7
      in a calving ease package.

      48D       KSR RED EYE 48D                 CE EPDs 11.1
         BD:   ADJ BW:   ADJ WW:   GAIN ON TEST:  SC:  BW  1.4
       3/20/16  82      791       4.0     36.0  WW 72.8
                        TNT GUNNER N208         YW 101.7
         RUST BULL 65Z                          MCE 10.1
                        TNT MISS SADIE M68      MM 10.9
                        GCF/ZEIS MR COMMANDERO  MW 47.3
         KSR SNICKERS 48W                       CW   31.9
                        KSR SWEET PEA 0148S     YG   -0.22
      This is a true curve bender bull. “Red Eye” indexes in the top 15% for WW.
      Comes from a tried and true cow family.   MB   0.02
                                                API 125.6
                                                TI   69.7

               Klain Simmental

               ... reserves 100 units of semen

               on all bulls sold for in-herd use
               only. Bulls will be collected at
                         our expense.

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