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We would like to extend an invitation to cattle producers
                                                               across the United States to join us on March 1 for our 39th
                                                               Annual Production Sale.

                                                               The Red Angus breed continues to gain market share as
                                                               the nation’s cowherd continues to rebuild. We certainly are
                                                               fortunate to have repeat customers that have supported us
                                                               for the last fi ve decades and our new customers that are try-
                                                               ing our program. Our philosophy on raising cattle is “staying
                                                               consistent” and selecting for a balanced set of traits. We
                                                               simply focus on females that are feminine, highly maternal,
                                                               with outstanding feet and leg structure, with level udders. We
                               The Pederson Family             strive to have these qualities along with cattle that are deep
                                                               sided, long bodied and plenty of muscle wrapped up in a
                                                               quiet easy to handle animal.

                                                               The bulls and yearling heifers were weaned in late September
                                                               and early October and will be carcass ultrasounded in late
                                                               February. A supplement sheet will be provided sale day and
                                                               on our website ( and Facebook page
                                                               ( Videos will also be
                                                               available on our website and Facebook page.

                                                               Due to a “good old fashioned winter” we decided not to sell
                                                               our registered bred and registered open heifers this year.
                                                               We thank our past buyers and feel free to check with us for
                                                               females as we plan on offering some next year in the ND Red
                            Gary and Sue
                                                               Select Sale and here at the ranch at our bull sale.
                                                               Oahe Vet will be our sale day vet and we plan on having the
                                                               commercial heifers palpated and the bulls evaluated by them
                                                               also. We will not have the bulls semen tested due to their
                                                               young age but we do stand behind them when that time ar-
                                                               rives prior to breeding.
                                                               We would like to thank our hired man, Tim Johnson, for
                                                               his help through the past year. Tim is a valuable asset to
                                                               our operation and we couldn’t get everything done without
                                                               him. Nathan Swift has also been part of our crew part time
                                                               throughout the year. Logan Pederson (Gary and Sue’s grand-
                                                               son) has helped us out during the summer months and he

                                      Chad, Lisa and Bricelyn  too is an asset in tackling the summer workload.

                                                               The Pederson Broken Heart Ranch crew
              Tim Johnson
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