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        Welcome                                                                      GREEN MOUNTAIN RED ANGUSAIN RED ANGUS
                                                                                     GREEN MOUNT

                                                         Welcome to Green Mountain RED Angus
                                                         What a great time to be in the Red Angus breed, whether you are raising Red Angus
                                                         seedstock or using Red Angus genetics in your commercial cow herd. The demand
                                                         for quality Red Angus genetics is on a steady incline, and you will fi nd that Green
                                                         Mountain Red Angus is a great source for those genetics to be brought into your own
                                                         herd. We have been raising registered Red Angus since 1985 and have been breeding
                                                         for a highly maternal cow herd combined with economically relevant traits. We strive
                                                         to combine genotype and phenotype in one cohesive package, and the bulls on these
                                                         pages are the result of over 30 years of that genetic selection.
              Jim, Bob, Julie,                           One of the main factors behind the popularity and accelerated growth of the Red
                Tom, Sage                                Angus breed is the mama cow. We believe it takes a great cow to raise a great bull.
                                                         The Red Angus female continues to be the most highly sought after female in the
                                                         industry. Red Angus cows have proven their worth as a complete package through
                                                         fertility, fl eshing ability, good dispositions, and excellent overall production. They pro-
                                                         duce feeder calves that earn premiums in the yard and on the rail. One of the most
                                                         effective ways to brand your Red Angus feeder calves is with the yellow FCCP tag.
                                                         FCCP continues to be one of the most widely used age and source verifi cation pro-
                                   Sutton, JD, Jeremy
                         Bob                             grams in the industry. Producers are utilizing the program and are seeing results with
                                       and Laney         Red Angus cattle outperforming their contemporaries in the markets. The benefi ts
                                                         to utilizing Red Angus genetics are in direct correlation to the increased demand and
                                                         popularity of the cattle.
                                                         As you look through this year’s offering you will notice a new prefi x – DDRA - on
                                                         a few of the sale lots. Our herd manager, Jeremy Dunbar and his family have been
                                                         raising quality Red Angus cattle for years. His herd, known as Double D Red Angus,
                                                         is run with Green Mountain Red Angus and has been heavily infl uenced by GMRA
                                                         breeding. As a result, the DDRA bulls have the uniformity and performance you have
                                                         come to expect from our program. We are excited to have Double D Red Angus join
                                                         the sale! We would also like to announce that our oldest son, Tom, will be graduating
         Jeremy                                          from MSU in May with a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis on Livestock
                                                         Management, and a welding degree from Gallatin College. He will be returning to the
                                                         ranch full time. Congratulations Tom!

                                                          If you are utilizing Red Angus genetics in your own herd, you have already seen the
                                                         positive infl uence in your cattle. If you are considering Red Angus for the fi rst time,
                                                         we are excited to have you look through this catalog and see the genetic potential
                                                         that awaits you on these pages. Whether you are a seasoned Red Angus cattleman or
                                                         new to the breed, the crew at Green Mountain Red Angus would like to thank you for
                                Sage                     putting your trust in our program. We hope you enjoy looking at the genetic packages
               Tom                              Jim      offered here as much as we enjoyed putting this information together!
                                                                       Bob, Julie, Tom and Jeremy

          Get off 1-90 at the Logan Exit, #283. Go north and take a left on the frontage road. Proceed west toward Three Forks, about 1/2 mile. Take a right onto Logan
          Trident Road, heading north. The road immediately crosses the Gallatin River and the railroad tracks, as shown on the map. Green Mountain Red Angus is 2
          miles from the railroad tracks. Watch for the large Green Mountain Red Angus sign.

         Green Mountain Red Angus              GMRA is a certifi ed Brucellosis Free Herd • GMRA has no known carriers of any genetic defect in any pedigree.
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