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4 Skors Ranch
                                                                                                4 Skors Ranch
         10        EZ LUCY 708Z

                                                    Bred PB Cow
             Color: Black  Tattoo:EZ708Z  ALR#:PF20401  BD: 4/19/12  P/H:P  BW:52
             Consignor: 4 Skors Ranch
                                       VITULUS AWESOME RED
             ALTA LEGEND BIL 132X
                                      [ MISS SUN CREEK AZTEK
                SC GUS S10 102H       [ ALM BESS 102H
            EZ SASSY 310X
                EZ ROXIE 101S          EZ SILVER BULLET 109M
                                      [ EZ MISS NEVADA 119L
        This fi ve year old purebred female is carrying the red gene and is out of one of the top
        cow families in the EZ Ranch herd. She produced Cody’s show steer last year and her
        Freight Train calf this year should be another show prospect. She is bred to AZP Freight   Alta Legend, sire of Lot 10
        Train 02C MM26570 6/12 - 10/1/16.
         11        EZ ROXY 704Z                                 12        EZ NELLIE 112Z

                                                    Bred PB Cow
                                                                                                       Bred Halfblood Cow
             Color: Black  Tattoo:EZ704Z  ALR#:PF18842  BD: 4/11/12  P/H:P  BW:45  Color: Black  Tattoo:EZ112Z  ALR#:MF20404  BD: 4/16/12  P/H:P  BW:  68
             Consignor: 4 Skors Ranch                               Consignor: 4 Skors Ranch
                                       MURRUMBONG LGL BLUEY                                   BEAU AARON M390
                LAZY G RED BY DESIGN  [ GOAN BLACK OPAL                BEAU LAD              [ GLEN INNES M343
             LAZY G HALEYS RED COMET                                CHAMPION VALLEY NITRO
                                                                                              NEVADA N060
                                       MURRUMBONG LGL BLUEY
                LAZY G HALEY          [ TOP OF THE RANGE TINA 5083     ALM VEGAS 01J         [ BRAMBLETYE Q131
                                       BRAMBLETYE UNION PACIFIC
                EZ HOUDINI 22N        [ EZ MISS MOLLY BROWN 66J                              [
            EZ HELEN 733T                                           EZ ANGUS DAM 006
                                       ADMIRAL FITZROY N065
                EZ MISS PACIFIC 353M  [ EZ MISS BOSUN’S MATE 238J                            [
        Another red factor, good looking young purebred cow from a top cow family. She could   This moderate framed halfblood fi ve year old is out of a commercial Lowline dam.
        be the poster child fdor “Moderate for Profi t” - a good small cow that weans a big calf.   These “mid range” Moderator females are some of the breeds’ most effi cient cows.
        She is bred to XB Code Red FM28889 6/12 - 10/1/16.     They have all the Moderator effi ciency traits and will wean a high percentage of their
                                                               body weight. She is bred to 4 Skors Axel A3 MM20437.
         13        EZ WANDA 319Z
                                                    Bred 3/4 Cow
             Color: Black  Tattoo:EZ319Z  ALR#:MF20402  BD: 5/6/12  P/H:P  BW:  60
             Consignor: 4 Skors Ranch
                                       BEAU LAD
                EZ LISBON 29L         [ EZ OLIVIA 15G
             EZ WESTERN 40W
                EZ TWINKLE 16T         ALM DAKOTA PRIDE
                                      [ MUGGA LEE 9L
                BLACK MASTER 01J      [ EZ OLIVIA 15G
                ANGUS CROSS COW       [
        Her dam was a division champion in Denver and a great show heifer from the Rick
        Lloyd herd in South Dakota. She is bred to the Big E Supreme Champion for a calf with
        great show potential. She is bred to AZP Freight Train 02C MM26570 6/12 - 10/1/16.  AZP Freight Train, service sire for Lots 10, 13 and 14
         14        KLL LINDA LOU                                15        4 SKORS DANGEROUS GIRL

                                                    Bred 3/4 Cow
             Color: Black  Tattoo:KLL5Y  ALR#:XF15235  BD: 4/17/11  P/H:P  BW:61  Color: Black  Tattoo:SKOD3W  ALR#:PF30251  BD: 3/11/16  Open PB Heifer
             Consignor: 4 Skors Ranch                               Consignor: 4 Skors Ranch
                                       BRAMBLETYE TEQUILA                                     GOAN WANDOO II
                LLB MR RIB R508       [ QUEENIE                        MURRUMBONG LGL BLUEY  [ GOAN BLACK OPAL
             BBR BIG TOP                                            LAZY G JOHNNIE WALKER
                                                                                              BELL BRAE BORIS
                                       BLACK MASTER 01J
                RLL3157               [ ANGUS COW                      SC BROOK 118M         [ ALM BESS 102H
                                       ADMIRAL J222                                           BAR J SPARKS 4P16
                BAR J CASANOVA        [ BRAMBLETYE TARA II             BAR J SULTAN 6S96     [ BAR J NADINE 9J32 3N57
            BAR J CASSEY 10U                                        BLF PIPER
                                                                                              SCR DOMINATOR
                                       BAR J NAUTILUS 7G3
                BAR J NANCY 9K        [ ANGUS COW                      EZ DAHLIA 703N        [ EZ MISS SHIPMATE 307L
        She is a very effi cient, good dispositioned beef cow bred to an exceptional bull. She   She is a show quality heifer whose dam is one of our top producing cows who is also
        should wean a high percentage of her body weight…Moderate for Profi t! She is bred to   the mother of one of our herdbulls.
        AZP Freight Train 02C MM26570 6/12 - 10/1/16.
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