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2017 – Red Hill Farms                              Sale Information
        FERTILITY/DISPOSITION GUARANTEE:  We guarantee the fertility and disposition of
          every bull selling. All bulls sell with a breeding soundness exam (BSE) certifi cate. Each
          bull is guaranteed to be a satisfactory breeder; assuming the buyer provides acceptable
          nutrition, health and management.
         •  If a bull proves to be a non-breeder, the buyer must contact Bart Jones or Sarah Jones
          on or before January 15, 2018, to make a claim.

         •  Red Hill Farms reserves the right to request a statement from a veterinarian and/or the
          bull being returned to Red Hill Farms at the buyer’s expense.
         •  If proper claim is made, the buyer will be given full credit if the bull is returned, OR full
          credit minus salvage value if the bull was sold with the credit to be used in a future Red
          Hill Farms sale.
        GENOMIC ENHANCED EPDS:  Bulls that have genomic enhanced EPDs are designated
                    in the catalog with a logo.
                      is for the Red Angus bulls and   is for the Simmental,
                    SimAngus and Angus bulls. Most of the bulls selling have been genomical-
          ly enhanced. DNA markers provide molecular breeding values which are used to enhance
          the EPDs and improve the accuracy of the EPDs. This is particularly important because
          the EPDs on these bulls are much more accurate than prior to the use of these DNA
          values. These enhanced EPDs now have the same meaning as data for bulls that have
          several progeny records.
        SALE PROCEDURES:  We will conduct a “Farmers’ Auction” to sell each individual lot.
          Cattle sell in catalog order. Each animal has a base price listed in the catalog. When it
          is time to sell a particular animal, we will ask those interested to hold up their buyer
          number. If only one number is in the air, the animal will be sold at the base price to that
          individual. If there are multiple numbers in the air, we will gradually raise the price until
          one number remains. If there is a tie (last two bidders drop out at the same time), the
          bid is given to the buyer with the lower buyer number. The other bidder may raise the bid
          by $250 if he wishes to stay in the auction. We intend for this to be a simple, low-pres-
          sure sale for the benefi t of all involved.
           Calves: Spring - UltraChoice 8, Dectomax
                 July - UltraChoice 8, Bovi-Shield Gold 5, Dectomax
           Weaning: UltraChoice 8, Bovi-Shield Gold 5, Dectomax/LongRange
           Yearling: UltraChoice 8, Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB, StandGuard, Dectomax
           March 2016: UltraChoice 8, Bovi-Shield Gold 5, Dectomax
            June 2016: UltraChoice 8, Bovi-Shield Gold 5, Dectomax/LongRange
            Spring 2017: UltraChoice 8, Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB, StandGuard, Dectomax
        ULTRASOUND TECHNICIAN:  David Aborn, Image Livestock Service
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