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                                                                  B        GUN TOO                   1998 Sorrel Stallion

                                                                                                  {  Jewel’s Leo Bars
                                                                                                   Gay Jay
                                                                                 Freckles Playboy
                                                               Young Gun        {
                                                                                                  {  Doc O’Lena
                                                                                                   Bar Socks Babe
                                                                                                  {  Doc Bar
                                                               Pambalena        {  Doc O’Lena      Poco Lena
                                                                                  San And Sun     {  Peppy San
                                                                                                   Someday Sunday
                                                                                           Gun Too is a beautiful sorrel stallion sired
                                                                                           by Young Gun and a grandson of Freckles
                                                                                           Playboy. He is a small horse but perfectly
                                                                                           proportioned. We purchased Gun Too in Texas
                                                                                           and he’s exceeding our expectations! He is a
                                                                                           pleasure to be around, handles beautifully and
                                                                                           rides smoothly. He has been used as Robert’s
                                                                                           tie-down horse at rodeos.

                                                                 C         GRINGO PISTOLERO          2003 Gray Stallion

                                                                                                   Gay Jay
                                                               Playgun          { Freckles Playboy  {  Jewel’s Leo Bars
                                                                                 Miss Silver Pistol
                                                                                                  {  Doc’s Hickory
                                                                                                   Pistol Lady 2 Be
                                                                                                  {  Doc Bar
                                                               Cajun Rey Dry    {  Dry Doc         Poco Lena
                                                                                  Cajun Rey        Peponita
                                                                                                  {  Jay Moss
                                                               We are excited to have this guy in our breeding program. We are roping on him so we know his
                                                               progeny will be as agile and cowy. He’s a good-moving horse and very willing to please.
                                                               Playgun – who has a stud fee of $6,000 – earned $183,451. He is sixth on the list of Top Sires of
                                                               Cutting and Reining Money Earners with a total of $5,312,547 won. He is also a Leading Reined
                                                               Cowhorse Sire. Jay Moss is the dam of offspring earning $821,122. She is the dam of Nurse Rey, Dual
                                                               Rey and High Brows Nurse. Miss Silver Pistol earned $512,755, NCHA Futurity Non-Pro Champion,
                                                               Gold and Silver Open Champion, and dam of offspring with earning over $320,000.
                                 Gringo heeling                This is Gringo’s last set of foals as we lost this stallion.

                                                BROOD MARES

          You will notice that the foals off the ranch all have three names. The fi rst name of each is “Badlands,” which over the
         years, we hope you come to recognize as a Sperry Ranch signature.

         The second name represents the stallions’ bloodlines so you will be able to quickly identify your foal’s background:
         “Oak” for Millie N Docs Oak, “Gun” for Gun Too, “Gringo” for Gringo Pistolero, “Bush” for Badlands Oak Bush and
         “Rain” for Rainin Whiskey.

         The last names come from a system that has been in the family for over 50 years. Marcia’s mother, Claribel, began
         naming her foals by the alphabet back then so she could remember what year they were born. The fi rst foals she
         named were born back in 1956 and had names starting with an “A.”

         We’ve used Claribel’s method over the years and we are now working on an “I” year. That’s why all our foals this year
         have a third name that begins with an “I.” Over the years we hope this system will enable you to be able to very
         quickly tell anyone who raised your foal, its background and the year it was born. We hope you can put our naming
         system to good use.
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