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Frey Red Angus Complete and Total Dispersal
                       Frey Red Angus Complete and Total Dispersal

        TERMS:                                                 ACCIDENTS:
           The terms of the sale are cash or check payable at the   Every precaution will be exercised to protect the safety
           sale facility unless satisfactory credit arrangements have   and comfort of those attending the sale. Neither the
           been made prior to the sale. The right of property shall   owners, auctioneer or any sale staff assume any
           not pass until after settlement is made. All settlements   responsibility in this matter and disclaim any liability, legal
           must be made with the clerks of the sale before cattle will   or otherwise, in the event or accident or loss of property.
           be released.
        LUNCH:                                                    All persons attending this sale do so at their own risk,
           A complimentary beef lunch will be served at noon on   and sellers assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for
           sale day. Food and refreshments will also be served the   any accidents occurring in, on or about the premises.
           day and evening prior to the sale.                     We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
                                                                  Any errors discovered in the catalog will be corrected by
        TERMS & CONDITIONS:                                       announcements from the auction block at sale time, and
           The sale will be conducted according to the sale Terms   such corrections wil take precedence over the printed
           and Conditions recommended by the Red Angus            material in the catalog.
           Association of America. The Terms and Conditions are
           available online at:                                PROMOTION & CA
                                                               PROMOTION & CATALOG:TALOG:
   Cow Camp Promotions • Tracey Koester • 701-391-5440
           conditions                                    •

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