Page 15 - Red Hill Farms Bulls of Fall III – Oct. 28, 2017
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Red Hill Farms Honored as 2017 Red Angus Breeder of the Year

              Johnny Rogers, left, presented Red Hill Farms of Lafayette, Tennessee, with the
              Breeder of the Year Award. Ty, Sarah and Bart Jones, accepted the award at the
              National Red Angus Convention in Colorado Springs in September.

        Immeasurable passion, time and devotion   stays engaged with their customers through
        are common denominators on all esteemed   continued education and outreach programs.
        cattle farms and ranches. The producers who   Additionally, the family is repeatedly a leader
        rise above the rest are dedicated to pushing   in volunteerism through Red Angus committee
        boundaries and extracting the maximum return   service, event hosting and advocacy for the Red
        on investment from their cattle. The Red Angus   Angus breed.
        Association of America honored Red Hill Farms
        headquartered in Lafayette, Tennessee, as the   The original farm was purchased by Bart’s great-
        Breeder of the Year at its 64th annual awards   great-great-grandmother in the late 1860s. The
        banquet in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on   family has tilled the land with pride and raised
        September 15, 2017.               quality livestock for seven generations on the
                                          rolling hills of northern middle Tennessee and
        The Breeder of the Year Award is presented to   south central Kentucky. Red Hill Farms operates
        members who maintain an excellent standard   in Macon County, Tennessee, as well as Allen,
        of quality in breeding Red Angus cattle. Red Hill   Monroe and Warren Counties in Kentucky.
        Farms is owned by Bart, Sarah and Ty Jones and
        Gordon and Susan Jones.           The family farm consists of 450 Red Angus, Sim-
                                          mental, SimAngus™ and Angus cows, 150 acres
        The Jones family has a long history of promot-  of burley tobacco, 100 purebred sows and row
        ing Red Angus in their region and have never   crops that support the livestock enterprises. The
        wavered on their commitment to utilize data to   cattle operation utilizes artifi cial insemination,
        aggressively select for economically relevant   embryo transfer, extensive performance records
        traits and deliver greater profi tability to their   and DNA analysis to produce bulls and females
        commercial customers. Red Hill Farms believes   for their annual sales held the last Saturday in
        in the “More Than Just a Bull” philosophy and   October and the third Saturday in March.
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