Page 2 - Red Hill Farms Bulls of Fall III – Oct. 28, 2017
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Dear Friends,
        For all things there is a season … Bull sale season is typically in the spring – even at Red
        Hill. We are thankful for your support and purchases at our past twelve spring bull sales and
        look forward to next March! However, we recognize many of our commercial bull buyers
        calve in the fall and need bulls to service their cows this time of year. For the third year, we
        are offering a select group of bulls on October 28th to help meet our commercial customers’
        needs. We continue to use this fall sale to market bulls with fewer expenses, and we pass on
        those cost savings to you, the customer. To save on costs, we have not pictured or videoed
        these bulls.
        When you buy a bull to breed your cows from Red Hill, you are purchasing part of the Red
        Hill program – a program that measures success by your profi tability. Red Hill cattle have
        been selected to improve economically relevant traits with a goal of optimizing the practicality
        and profi tability for our commercial customers. We focus on documented breed leading pro-
        duction traits while maintaining phenotypically pleasing cattle. Even so, our program doesn’t
        stop at the animals we sell. We believe in the importance of offering services to our custom-
        ers – services that will increase the value of your herd. Ask us about the services we offer!
        There are a couple of important items to bring to your attention. The sale will take place at
        10 a.m. at the ‘home farm’ tobacco barns – 2070 Wheeley Springs Road, Lafayette, TN. The
        sale bulls have been sorted and are available for viewing anytime. Just let us know when you
        would like to come and look. We will not be offering free delivery for bulls in this sale. We
        will make deliveries at cost. We encourage you to bring your trailer for load out on sale day.
        However, if you are out-of-state and interested in bringing your trailer, please call us to make
        sure that your state will allow for transportation on sale day – without further health testing.
        A major reward of the seedstock business is the opportunity to enjoy the friendship and
        fellowship of our customers and fellow breeders. You are always welcome to visit our farm to
        study our cattle and their production records. We intend to collect the most comprehensive
        data set in the industry - - from birth to rail to cowherd records - - and share all the informa-
                                                tion with you, the customer. Please
                                                review our sale offering and contact
                                                us if you have questions. We hope
                                                to see you on October 28th!
                                                        Bart, Sarah and Ty Jones
                                                        Gordon and Susan Jones
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