Page 2 - Milk Creek Reds Female Sale – Nov. 3, 2017
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        Welcome to our third tri-ennial female sale! Thank you for taking the time to review our sale offering. We hope that we have assembled this
        catalog in a manner that is easy for you to look at and sort through the criteria that is important to your operation.

        In the midst of a drought we have had an exciting summer with numerous family milestones. Our oldest daughter, Cele, was married to Jeff
        Menees on June 24 at the ranch. Three days later we celebrated 30 years of marriage. On August 4th we hosted a Ketchum family reunion fol-
        lowed by our 100-year ranch celebration on the 5th of August. These family celebrations allowed us to rise above the circumstances and enjoy
        the important things in life.

        In our 2014 sale we sold the fi rst half by age of our 2006-model cows. This year we are offering the remaining cows from that class as well as all
        the 2007 and 2008 cows that we have in production. The mature cows that we are dispersing have proven their functionality over the years. Most
        of our cows will be trailed 3 to 7 miles at least twice a year, and if they can’t make the trek because of feet and leg problems, they don’t stick
        around. We believe that functionality of the udder includes teat diameter, length and placement, along with udder suspension. But more impor-
        tantly, it is not that they are picture perfect but that we won’t assist a calf to get started on an udder because of structure problems. The best
        thing to do is to eliminate the problem – regardless of the cow’s credentials and paperwork.

        None of the cows have missed calving on time, with exception of one cow that we have fl ushed, which speaks for their longevity, fertility and
        fl eshing ability because they had to perform and breed in our environment with limited feed inputs. Many of these cows are bred AI this year as
        they have been in the past which also attests to their ability to work in the environment that we challenge them in. Of the 37 mature cows in this
        offering, 29 of them have MPPAs of 100 and over which speaks to their female productivity ability. Several of these cows are donor quality to add
        quality into an existing herd or a great place to start a new Red Angus herd.

        During our selection process of the young females, we discovered the challenges of fi nding breds and opens that fi t the criteria that we use to
        select females to be considered. If you are a purebred breeder, take the time and look at your replacement bred heifers and heifer calves and see
        how many have dams and grand dams with an MPPA of 100 or better, as well as their own weaning index of 100 or better. On top of that, make
        sure that you have representation of the different sires that you have used in each group. When we were done with the selection, we found most
        of the breds and open heifers in this sale met all three of the criteria but there are a few that only meet two out of the three criteria. We hope that
        through this criteria we have selected females that will have the productivity and longevity to be profi table for their new owners.

        We look forward to answering any questions that you may have as you review this catalog, as well as getting an opportunity to meet some of you
        through this sale.

        God Bless You,
        Milk Creek Reds
        Bruce, Tena & Jaclyn Ketchum, Jeff & Cele Menees
                                                             As servants of the Lord,
                                                             we are striving to be
                                                             stewards of the land and
                                                             cattle that He created and
                                                             allowed us to manage so
                                                             that we may glorify Him.

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