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Open Heifers

                                                               16        LAZYJ ELIZA 746-137B             Reg. # 3707425
                                                                         BD:   2/23/17
                                                                                  Tattoo: 746 LZYJ
                                                                                                Cat: 100% 1A
                                                                       RRA CRIMSON TIDE 135  [  RED BRYLOR NEW TREND 22
                                                                    RRA ROLL TIDE 135 355     WCC PHYLLIS 47
                                                                       MLK CRK LAKOTA 095    [  BECKTON EPIC R397 K
                                                                                              MLK CRK LAKOTA 173
                                                                       LAZYJ PRAIRIEFIRE 1211-3002  [  MAJESTIC LIGHTNING 717 SGMR
                                                                    MACK HECTOR               1SL MS CHATEAU LADY 3002-101
                                                                       MISS BHR HECTOR 0137  [  MESSMER HECTOR V011
                                                                                              MISS BHR GOLDEN BOY 7118
                                                               BW:   86  205-Day Wt.: 663
                                                                 HB  GM CED  BW WW YW   M  ME  HPG  CEM  ST  MARB   YG   CW  REA   FAT
                                                                 78  49  -3  2.0  75 124 23  1  13  0  10  0.15  0.03  47  0.25  -0.02
                                                                 77%  51% 99% 96%  6%  2%  31% 56% 24%  97% 52%  94%   62%  1%  28%   21%
                                                                   A Roll Tide going back to one of Steph’s favorite cow lines from the Artz Red Angus days.


                                                               17        LAZYJ ELEGANCE 748-Y7816
                                                                                                Cat: 100% 1A
                                                                                                          Reg. # 3707427
                                                                                  Tattoo: 748 LZYJ
                                                                         BD:   2/23/17
                                                                       C-BAR ANTICIPATION 101W  [  RED CROWFOOT OLE’S OSCAR
                                                                    C-BAR ELDORADO 114Z       BROWN MS ABIGRACE L7730
                                                                       C-BAR STONY W914      [  RED FINE LINE MULBERRY 26P
                                                                                              BROWN-CBAR MS STONY ML P7500
                                                                       HUST CHIEF SEQUOYA R336  [  CCF SEQUOYA 0361
                                                                    BROWN MS SEQUOYA Y7816    LCC REBELLA NA123
                                                                       C-BAR & BROWN ABIGRACE T714  [  LJC MISSION STATEMENT P27
                                                                                              BROWN MS ABIGRACE L7730
                                                               BW:   71  205-Day Wt.: 655
                                                                  HB  GM CED  BW WW YW   M  ME  HPG  CEM  ST  MARB   YG   CW  REA   FAT
                                                                 140  54  4  -3.0  75 111 19  4  17  7  12  1.06  -0.10  31  0.38  -0.02
                                                                 11% 2%  62%  24% 5%  12%  67% 79%  2% 12%  25%  1%   14%  20%  14%   13%
                                                                   I told you these calves were in birth order. Now did you expect to fi nd one as fl at good as her this
                                                               far down in the line- up? Here is why people keep reading our footnotes. You see, we purchased her
                     Lot 17                                    dam a few years ago as an open heifer and when I say we, I mean Steph bought her for John, only
                                                               because he wanted an Abigrace cow. When 748’s dam got home, all I caught was hell since then to
                                                               the effect of that cow will never pay for herself. She is too moderate, she is too little … blah, blah,
                                                               blah. For about 18 months that is all I heard from him right up until she sold her fi rst heifer calf out
                                                               the gate for $12,500. Then it was, of course, all my husband’s idea and that little cow was now his
                                                               prize possession. Do you see how this could cause issues between a husband and wife in the cattle
                                                               industry? Her dam has had top seller’s every year in our sale. Last year when I wanted to breed her
                                                               to Eldorado, I got the, “What for? Why? You can’t do that.” Then when she calved, I got the busi-
                                                               ness again. “This little calf isn’t going to do crap” speech. So here is where I tell you my honest
                                                               opinion. The only thing I don’t like about this heifer is her head, but after she was clipped, I even
                                                               like that better. The rest of her is exactly the type and kind I like and she has the numbers that can
                                                               put her in the donor pen. We are selling her only because we retain the right to fl ush every open
                                                               heifer in the sale and that I still have her dam. She has been my pick all summer for a future donor
                                                               prospect. My husband, well, of course, he has different ideas, but that little, no good, Abigrace that
                                   Brown Ms Sequoya Y7816      wasn’t going to do crap for us, has paid the bills so far. Show me who is going to win this argument
                                                               but, then again, if you don’t want her, I defi nitely won’t try and talk you into it.”

                                  Watch the video of the sale lots at
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